Charlemange sentace vocab

18 terms by jennings7

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an employee who performs clerical work


someone forced to make written copies of documents and manuscripts


holy communities isolated from the rest of society


towers on which guards keep watch

saint riquers (monastery)

a famous Frankish monestary in which helped to repel the arabs


Gothic; highest that remained standing


in the Middle Ages, lesser noble who served as a mounted warrior for a lord


religious men who lived apart from society in isolated communities


members of any of the peoples of medieval Scandinavia (aka Vikings)


a convent ruled by an abbesseres

abby of st. gall

an great church in N germany famous for her loyal monks


places of religious invovlement such as monasteries or convents


Covered entrance to a building that consists of a roof supported by arches.


a health facility where patients receive treatment


a nomadic group of Muslims from Sysria and Arabia during the Crusades


a chain of mountains between France and Spain


accepted eastern Christianity and became part of the eastern orhthodox church and its Latin culture


Invaders of Europe that came from Scandinavia

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