24 terms

Wheelock's Latin Ch. 37

Athenae, Athenarum
(f pl) Athens
domus, domus
(f) house, home
humus, humi
(f) ground, earth; soil
iter, itineris
(n) journey; route, road
rus, ruris
(n) the country, countryside
Syracusae, Syracusarum
(f pl) Syracuse
absens, absentis
(adj) absent
gratus, grata, gratum
(adj) grateful
idoneus, idonea, idoneum
(adj) suitable, fit, appropriate (ideal)
immotus, immota, immotum
(adj) unmoved; unchanged; unrelenting (immovable)
(adv) outside (foreign)
eo, ire, ii, itum
to go
abeo, abire, abii, abitum
to go away, depart, leave
adeo, adire, adii, aditum
to go to, approach
exeo, exire, exii, exitum
to go out, exit
ineo, inire, inii, initum
to go in, enter
obeo, obire, obii, obitum
to go up against, meet; die
pereo, perire, perii, peritum
to pass away, be destroyed, perish
redeo, redire, redii, reditum
to go back, return
interficio, interficere, interfeci, interfactum
to kill, murder
licet, licere, licui
[(impersonal) + infinitive + dat] it is permitted, one may
peregrinor, peregrinari, peregrinatus sum
to travel abroad, wander
requiesco, requiescere, requievi, requietum
to rest
soleo, solere, solitus sum
to be accustomed (obsolete)