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  1. 3 Elements of Unconscionable Contracts
  2. Consideration
  3. Mental Incompetence
  4. The infancy contract
  5. Misrepresentation
  1. a "Quid pro quo" - something of legal value given for a promise
  2. b 1) the parties have unequal bargaining power 2) the dominant party uses this power to enter into an unfair contract 3) the weaker party has no reasonable alternative
  3. c Fraud ( you have forever to dispute this)
  4. d In order to prevent enforcement of the contract the person must be legally insane at time of entering into the contract
  5. e minors can disaffirm contracts

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  1. who may enter into a contract
  2. no need for consideration if done in good faith
  3. courts really saying they will not enforce gift promises
  4. editing from a legal perspective. blue is nice and soothing, change the facts to reasonable ones.
  5. reshape the contract to eliminate the unreasonable portion or refuse to enforce the contract

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  1. The minormay return the property in the condition it is in at the time of disaffirmance.


  2. Pre-existing duty rulecontract will fail for lack of consideration when one party promises to perform an act they are already bound to perform


  3. Undue Influencewhen one party takes advantage of another person's mental, physical, or emotional weakness and unduly persuades that person into a contract. Need a fiduciary type relationship - attorney, CPA, doctor, etc. (Elderly People)


  4. In order to have a valid contract the consideration must meet two elementsan illusory promise - I will perform only if i want to Moral obligations - love or affections


  5. Duress1) usury laws - lending money 2) unlicensed professionals - cant collect fees 3) contrary to public policy - any type that would create a poor public policy ( spouse kill spouse)