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Intro to DB Access - Test 2

The ____ prefix tag in the All Access Objects pane identifies each table in the database.
< and >= are examples of ____ operators.
The ____ comparison operator selects records by matching field values to a specific pattern that includes one or more of these wildcard characters: #, *, and ?.
The ____ represents any string of characters.
The ____ represents any single character.
The ____ represents any single digit.
Using a pattern match is similar to using an exact match, except that a pattern match includes ____ characters.
In a list-of-values match, you use ____ to separate the values.
With a text list-of-values match, you enclose each value in ____.
quotation marks
The ____ comparison operator lets you define a condition with two or more values.
When you use the ____ comparison operator, if a record's field value matches one value from the list of defined values, then Access selects and includes that record in the query results.
A(n) ____ query performs aggregate function calculations on the values of one database field and displays the results in a spreadsheet format.
Aggregate functions like those shown in the accompanying figure perform ____ operations on selected records in a database.
The aggregate function ____ returns the total of the field values in a selection of records.
You need to perform an aggregate function in a crosstab query. Your function needs to calculate the number of the nonnull field values in your spreadsheet. You will use the ____ aggregate function?
You can change a select query to a crosstab query in Design view using the Crosstab button in the Query Type group on the ____ tab.
If you convert an Access database to SQL-Server, your ____ queries will not work.
The ____ property for a query lets you limit the number of records in the query results.
Top Values
As the last step in creating a Top Values query, you ____ the query.
A ____ field lets the user select a value from a list of possible values.
The ____ Mask Wizard is an Access tool that guides you in creating a predefined format for a field.
To include literal display characters, you need to create a(n) ____ mask.
A(n) ____ mask is a predefined format used to enter and display data in a field.
When you click the Input Mask box in the Field Properties pane, a ____ button appears to the right of the Input Mask box.
The input mask character ____ indicates that a digit or space can be entered.
The input mask character ____ indicates that only a digit can be entered.
The input mask character ____ determines whether to store in the database the literal display characters such as the hyphen and parentheses.
If the value of ____ displays between the input mask characters ;; this indicates that literal display characters should not be stored in the database.
Which of the following input mask characters represents a digit or space that can be entered; however, entry is not required?
____ between Access objects can occur in various ways.
The Object Dependencies ____ displays a collapsible list of the dependencies among the objects in an Access database.
A(n) ____ exists between two objects when a change to the ____ of data in one object affects the ____ of data in the other object.
object dependency, properties
In the Object Dependencies pane, the ____ option button allows you to view the objects that affect the selected table.
Objects that I depend on
The ____ property value will be displayed in a dialog box if the user enters an invalid value
Validation Text
Access detects ____ validation rule violations immediately after you finish your field entry and advance to another field.
The Freeze Fields command is available in the ____ group on the Home tab, under the More button.
Which of the following commands is used to keep selected columns visible no matter where you scroll in the datasheet?
Freeze Fields
The best way to view the contents of Memo fields that contain a large number of characters is to use the ____ dialog box in a datasheet.
A ____ folder is a folder on a drive or network where you place databases you know are safe.
Between work and personal contacts, June is finding her old, written address book is not big enough, and too difficult to maintain. She decides to create a database of her contacts as an electronic alternative to the pen and paper address book.

Jane wants to use literal display characters to ensure hyphens appear in the phone numbers she enters into her database. What's the best way to go about doing this?
Jane should create an input mask
What input mask would Jane use if she wanted the phone numbers to display with the following criteria:
Area code not required in the phone number but, if entered, displayed in parentheses. The phone number digits will display with a hyphen after the first three digits. Characters, when typed in, will fill in from left to right.
!(999) 000-0000;;_
In working with the Hardware Store chain's database, Matt is finding that only stores in particular zip codes have certain inventory. To sift through the large volumes of information in this database of many records, he simply wants to ask which store by zip code, and other specific criteria, has the item.

When looking for particular inventory in the database, Matt sometimes needs to create a query that allows him to select records whose values for the designated field match one of two or more simple condition values. Which comparison operator would serve him in this instance?
Matt's computer is displaying a dialog box that prompts him to enter one or more criteria values when he runs his query. He enters the prompts in the Criteria text box for zip code. What is he doing?
creating a parameter query
Put the following steps for creating a parameter query in the correct order for Matt:
1. Decide which fields will use prompts when the query runs. In the Criteria box for each of these fields, type the prompt you want to appear in a message box when you run the query.
2. Enclose the prompt in brackets.
3. Create a select query that includes all fields to appear in the query results.
4. Choose the sort fields and set the criteria that do not change when you run the query.
3, 4, 1, 2
It is getting close to the end of the fiscal quarter for the Clothes Rack clothing store chain. Joanna is adding up the inventory of the four clothing stores of which she is the Regional Manager. She needs to see the summarized totals in the Outerwear category.

Which query is capable of performing aggregate function calculations on the value of a database field and then displaying the results in a spreadsheet format?
A friend is creating a database and wants to make extensive use of lists so that anyone who uses the database will have choices when entering data values, in order to minimize errors and to facilitate the entry of data. She suspects that you, as you are very familiar with Access, will know how to make this happen for her.

You explain to your friend that she can change the value of a field to a ____, which lets the user select from a list of choices rather than having to remember the correct one.
lookup field
You explain to your friend that in Design view, she can scroll down to a given field, click the right side of the ____, and then click Lookup Wizard to begin to create a lookup field.
Data Type text box
One guideline for working with forms is to design a form to match a ____ document closely if users will refer to one while working with the form.
One guideline for working with forms is to display ____ fields in a distinctive way, and prevent users from changing and updating them.
One guideline for working with forms is to align field values with ____ for readability.
Each object you place in a form is called a(n) ____.
One guideline for working with forms is to use ____ values whenever possible to reduce user errors.
A form ____ provides the same functionality as a lookup field in a clearer, more flexible way.
combo box
You can press the ____ key to open or close the Navigation Pane.
The ____ Control property specifies the default control used to display a field.
The Documenter is available in the Analyze group on the ____ tab.
Database Tools
"Names, Fields, and Properties" and "Names and Fields" are examples of ____ documentation options.
"Properties," "Relationships," and "Permissions by User and Group" are all examples of ____ documentation options.
The item marked 2 in the accompanying figure includes the ____ documentation.
The item marked 3 in the accompanying figure includes the ____ documentation.
All of the following are included on the report in the accompanying figure EXCEPT ____ documentation.
When you use the ____ tool, the record source for the form must either be open or selected in the Navigation Pane.
When working with forms, you view and update data in ____ view.
A Multiple Items form cannot be displayed in ____ view.
When you use the Split Form tool, the ____ views are synchronized with each other at all times.
Form and Datasheet
To select several controls in a form, press and hold down the ____ key while clicking each control.
The ____ layout for a form arranges text box controls vertically with a label to the left of each control.
If the Field List pane in the accompanying figure displays the "No fields available to be added to the current view" message, click the ____ link to display the tables in the database.
Show all tables
The item marked 1 in the accompanying figure is the ____ bar.
The items marked 2 in the accompanying figure are the ____.
The item marked 6 in the accompanying figure is the ____.
A(n) ____ control is not linked to a field in the underlying table or query.
You use a(n) ____ control to display text.
An unbound control that displays text is called a(n) ____.
Which of the following is an unbound control?
Design view for a form contains a ____ section, which is a rectangular area consisting of a grid with a section bar above the grid.
____ are available for each control in the Controls group.
Which of the following serve as guides for positioning controls in a form?
____ at the top and left edge of the Detail section define the horizontal and vertical dimensions of the form.
When you add a bound control to a form, Access adds a text box and, to its left, a(n) ____.
Sizing ____ let you resize a control.
A selected control displays ____ sizing handles.
For which of the following is a Control Wizard not available?
Design Box
After selecting a control, you can press the ____ key to open and close the property sheet for the control.
The ____ function determines the number of occurrences of an expression.
You precede expressions with a(n) ____ to distinguish them from field names.
equal sign
If you need to set a property by typing a long text entry, you can open the ____ dialog box and type the entry in the dialog box.
If the Tab Stop property for a text box is set to ____, users cannot tab to the control.
The ____ property specifies the text that appears in a ScreenTip when users hold the mouse pointer over a control on a form.
ControlTip Text
____ refers to the control that is currently active and awaiting user action.
One example of ____ order in a form is top-bottom, left-right.
The order in which you change the focus in a form is called the ____ order.
To make small adjustments to the length of a line, select the line, hold down the ____ key, and then press an arrow key.
When users mouse over a specific control on the August Inventory table form, you want a ScreenTip to appear. What property should you choose to accomplish this?
ControlTip Text
You want to change the order in which users move from control to control as they press the Tab key, which is currently from left to right, to top to bottom. To do this, you will change the ____.
tab order
Which of the following is NOT a guideline Catherine would follow in her work?
Use colors, fonts, and graphics readily to keep users visually stimulated.
Catherine's first task is to modify the custom form for entering the Employee information. She wishes to add a control that will allow the user to exit the form and return to the database to choose from different tables, forms, queries, reports, or data access pages. On which section of the Employee form should the Exit button be placed?
One of your students, Miguel, is looking to display a table field value on his new form. Which of the following types of controls will you instruct him to use?
Your students want to know which type of control is added by moving the fields in the Field List pane to the Form window. What do you tell them?
bound controls
The ____ Header section appears once at the beginning of a report.
The ____ Header section is used for report titles, company logos, report introductions, and cover pages.
If your report has a(n) ____ Header section, it precedes the first Page Header section.
The ____ Header section is used for column headings, page numbers, and report dates.
Use the ____ section of a report to print calculated values.
The ____ section is usually used to print totals for the group.
Group Footer
If your report has a(n) ____ Footer section, it precedes the Page Footer section on the last page of the report.
A ____ is the formatted printout (or screen display) of the contents of one or more tables from a database.
Which of the following offers you more flexibility in formatting and printing data with a professional, readable appearance?
You can view reports on screen in all of the following EXCEPT ____.
Datasheet view
You can use Report view to apply a(n) ____ to the data in a report.
Use ____ when you want to filter report data before printing a report.
Report view
Use ____ when you want to copy a selected portion of a report.
Report view
Use ____ when you want to modify a report while seeing actual report data.
Layout view
Use ____ when you want to add lines to a report.
Design view
In ____, you can view the live version of a report prior to printing it and apply filters to it.
Report view
A(n) ____ field is a report sort field that includes a Group Header section before a group of records that has the same sort field value and that includes a Group Footer section after the group of records.
When you use an aggregate function in ____, Access adds the results of the function to the end of the report and adds subtotals for each grouping field.
Layout view
The view shown in the accompanying figure is ____.
Print Preview
The accompanying figure shows the ____ Footer section with zero height.
Design view for forms and reports includes horizontal and vertical rulers, grids in each section, and similar buttons in groups on the ____ tab.
A(n) ____ control displays field values for each record in the record source.
The item marked 1 in the accompanying figure is the ____ section.
Report Header
The item marked 3 in the accompanying figure is the ____ section.
Group Header
The item marked 4 in the accompanying figure is the ____ section.
The item marked 6 in the accompanying figure is the ____ section.
Page Footer
The item marked 7 in the accompanying figure is the ____ section.
Report Footer
To draw or extend a straight line, press the ____ key before dragging the line and release it after releasing the mouse button.
A listing of total contracts by city would be an example of a ____ report.
Which of the following is a possible source of data for a report?
any of the above
a. a single table
c. multiple tables
b. a query based on one or more tables
In the Reports group on the ____ tab, click the Blank Report button to open a blank report in Layout view.
If you specify a sort field as a ____ field, you can include a Group Header section and a Group Footer section for the group
Access lets you organize records in a report by sorting them using one or more ____ fields.
Each sort field can be designated as a ____ field.
A(n) ____ header section appears by itself at the bottom of a page.
To prevent orphaned sections, you set the ____ property to keep the whole group together on one page.
Keep Together
You cannot use the To Fit command on the Size menu to resize ____.
text boxes
When set to Yes, the ____ property expands a text box vertically to fit the field value when the report is printed.
Can Grow
You use the ____ property to hide a control on a report when the control's value is the same as that of the preceding record.
Hide Duplicates
For properties in the property sheet that offer a list of choices, you can ____ the property name to cycle through the options in the list.
In a function, the ____ symbol/sign indicates that what follows it is an expression.
In which of the following cases does the Date function display (instead of the actual current date)?
none of the above
a. when you print the report
c. when you view the report in Layout view
b. when you preview the report
You can display page numbers in a report by including a(n) ____ in the Page Header or Page Footer section.
As you select fields from the Available fields list box or type text for a label, the ____ label box shows the format for the label.
In the ____ section of the Page Setup dialog box, you specify the number of column sets and the row and column spacing between the column sets.
Grid Settings
First, you want to sort (but not group) your products by manufacturer name. Your task is to put in the correct order the following steps for selecting a sort field that is not a grouping field in a report.
1. Click the Add a sort button in the Group, Sort, and Total pane.
2. Click the sort field in the list.
3. Click the More button on the sort field band to set additional properties for the sort field.
4. Display the report in Design or Layout view.
5. If necessary, click the Group & Sort button in the Grouping & Totals group on the Format tab in Layout view or the Design tab in Design view.
4, 5, 1, 2, 3
You have been sorting by product type. Now you would like to sort in ascending order by the date when the product arrived in your inventory, so you know what merchandise has been around the longest. What button do you click in the Group, Sort, and Total pane?
Add a sort
Walter works for a periodical publisher and needs to create a report on recent issues. The Recent Issues report needs to include IssueName, IssueMonth, IssueCode, IssueYear, and CoverImage. He feels the best way to do this is to design a custom report.

Where would be the best place(s) for Walter to put a control for the Date on his Recent Issues report?
both b and c
c. Page Header section
b. Page Footer section
The IssueCode field contains abbreviations that Walter needs to include in his report, and these abbreviations need some brief explanations. Where would be the best place for Walter to put these explanations?
Page Footer section
Craig has been working all day to get his report for the Accounts database exactly the way he wants it. He has just finished positioning the control for the Date and Time in the Page Header section.

What property should Craig click to make sure that the text box for the sum total of the accounts can be expanded if the account total is larger than average?
Can Grow
If Craig wants to use the Line tool to add a double line above the account total, where would he find this tool?
in the Controls group on the Design tab