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los quehaceres
lavar la ropa
to wash the clothes
to iron
poner la mesa
to set the table
limpiar el baño
to clean the bathroom
pasar la aspiradora
to vaccuum
quitar la mesa
to clear the table
dar de comer al gato
to feed the cat
sacudir los muebles
to dust the furniture
hacer la cama
to make the bed
to sweep
trapear el piso
to mop the floor
preparar la cena
to prepare dinner
lavar los trastes
to wash the dishes
recoger caca del perro
to pick up dog poop
lavar el carro
to wash the car
trabajar en el jardin
to work in the garden
sacar la basura
to take out the trash
arreglar el cuarto
to tidy up the room
limpiar los cristales
to wash the windows
cortar el cesped
mow the lawn (cut the grass)

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