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  1. showing bad manners;direspectful. synonyms-saucy,rude. antonyms-polite,respectful.
  2. a vast treeless plain in the arctic regions between the ice cap and the tree line
  3. remove with difficulty. synonyms-jimmy,lift,hoist. antonyms-connect,join
  4. n. an investigator who observes carefully
  5. old,crowded apartment buildings in a poor part of a city. synonyms-apartment,flat,lodging. antonyms-condominium,penthouse.
  6. ground that is permanently frozen

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  1. similaradj. resembling or similar


  2. prairiea treeless grassy plain


  3. vinegaradj. resembling or similar


  4. consumern. a pupil in school with special duties,as taking attendence,etc


  5. directorn. a person who directs or is in charge as one in charge of a play or movie.


  6. tradern. a person who says one thing and does another


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