Leadership & Management Chapter 6 Key Terms

Med Surg Book Chapter 6

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being answerable for the consequences of one's actions or inactions
promoting the cause of another person or organization
autocratic leadership
a style of leadership characterized by strong control by the manager over a work group
use of a team effort to achieve client care outcomes
transferring to a competent individual the authority to perform a selected nursing task in a selected situation while retaining accountability for the delegation
democratic leadership
a style of leadership characterized by participation in decision making by a work group
laissez-faire leadership
a style of leadership characterized by allowing a work group to individually set goals, make decisions, and take responsibility for their own management
the ability to guide and influence another person, group, or both to think in a certain way, achieve common goals, or provide inspiration for change
planning, organizing, directing, and controlling resources and personnel to meet specific objectives within an organization
multicratic leadership
a style of leadership in which the manager uses a variety of styles and adapts his or her approach to the situation at hand
the ability to control, influence, or hold authority over an individual or group
resource management
the method of using money, supplies, equipment, building, and personnel optimally
a duty or assignment related to a specific job
the process of guiding, directing, evaluating, and following up on tasks delegating to others
time management
the organization and delegation of tasks to make optimal use of one's time