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The Outsiders Characters, and Stereotypes

Descriptions of the characters and stereotypes of the two social classes from the book The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton.

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The Stereotypes of the "Greasers"
gangs, long greasy hair, stick together have each other's back, (sometimes) criminals, (sometimes) dropout of school, poor, "hoods", junky cars, fights, smoke, drink, t-shirts, jeans, un tucked shirts, boots, leather jackets, often carry knives
Ponyboy Curtis
Parents were killed in a car wreck, he and his brothers, Darry and Sodapop, can stay together as long as they behave, he has light brown almost red hair and greenish gray eyes, his hair is longer than most boys' and he enjoys books and movies, he likes to be alone, likes to be around Soda, sees a lot of violence, was jumped/ beat up by the Socs
Sodapop Curtis
Handsome, dark gold hair that is silky long and straight, a little smaller than Darry his bother, dark brown eyes, tall and slim, crazy & reckless, funny, likes to grin, makes people happy, loves life, "drunk on life", never reads, never drinks, understands people, "ladies man, experienced fights, parents dies, high school drop out, works full time at gas station, in love with Sandy and wants to marry her
Darry Curtis
Tall 6'2", strong and broad shoulders, pale blue-green eyes, 20 years old, protective of pony boy, does not act like other greasers, does not look for fights, smart, puts pressure on Ponyboy and expects more from him, laughs at Sodapop's jokes, Ponboy is afraid of him, hard worker, good at football, got a football scholarship but had to turn it down to take care of his brothers, takes on a very fatherly role at age 20, has may jobs but roofer is his main job
Steve Randall
He is Tall and lean, with thick greasy hair that he keeps combed in complicated swirls, He is cocky, smart, Soda's best buddy since grade school, thinks Ponyboy is a Tag-a-long, works at the gas station, steals/takes apart cars for fun since he is very good with them
"Two-Bit" Matthews
tall, grey eyes, 18 1/2 years old but still is a junior in high school, long sideburns, wide grin, funny, likes to crack jokes, likes to shoplift for fun, talkative, sarcastic, does not care about learning just likes school for social reasons, likes: blondes, fights, and school, makes jokes even when in trouble, famous for his black-handled switchblade, gets in trouble with the law a lot
Dally Winston
Elfish face, high cheekbones, blond hair, tuff/tough, blue eyes, tough, cold, mean, "bad" person, "dirty" and nasty in his language, wise-cracker, seen a lot of violence, LARGE criminal record, arrested at age 10, been in jail multiple times, rode in rodeos, drinks, smokes, and lies a lot.
Johnny Cade
16 years old (although looks fourteen), scars on face from being beat up by the Socs, big black eyes, dark tan face, hair heavily greased and combed to the side, wounded puppy dog look, quiet, shy, afraid, sensitive, kind, beat/abused by father, verbally abused by parents
The Stereotypes of the "Socials" or "Socs"
rich, live on West side of town, good education, opportunities, college, wear madras shirts, drive nice cars, don't fight fair, cool (to the point of not feeling anything), jump greasers, they think they are better than others
Sherri "Cherry" Valance
red hair, pretty, thoughtful, likes to watch sunsets, feisty, doesn't feel like she can be herself around her friends, hates fights, cares about what others think of her, others look to her as a leader, she is a Soc, bob's girlfriend, connects with Ponyboy, becomes a "spy" for the greasers, a cheerleader ,throws a cup of soda in Dally's face
laughs a lot, not as deep of a thinker as Cheery and not as principled, hates fights when the boys drink too much, a Soc, Cherry's best friend, thinks two-bit is funny
Bob Sheldon
handsome, wears rings on his hands, short hair, a leader (others look up to him), wild and out of control, needs boundaries, parents always blame themselves when he does something wrong, parents don't give him any boundaries, he beats up greasers in unfair fights, he beat up Johnny and was drowning Ponyboy when he was killed, drives a nice car, is a Social, gets drunk a lot
a follower, gets tiered of all of the fighting, Bob's best friend, a Social, ends up deciding not to fight in the big rumble, talks with Ponyboy and learns to see him as an individual