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Epithelial tissue
covers surfaces, make up glands and tubes
connective tissue
support and bring tissue together, energy reserves, immunity
Muscular tissue
Nervous tissue
communication, coordinate activities
Epithelial tissue
closely packed in sheets, single or multiple layers. Apical surface/basal membrane, avascular, has a nerve supply, high cell division
Squamous epithelium
Flat thin cells, rapid passage of substances
Cuboidal epithelium
square shape, secretionabsorbtion
columnar epithelium
(thicker cell) Taller, more protection, secretion/absorbtion, may have vilia or cilia
Transitional epithelium
Change shape, cuboidal to flat, streth, in bladder.
Simple epithelium
single layer, diffusion, osmosis, filtration, secretion/absorbtion
simple columnar
some cuboidal, ovaries, secretory part of glands in thyroid
(also means you have cilia on there) moves mucus/particles
ciliated simple columnar epithelium
trachea/upper respiratory tract.
stratified epithelium
2 or more layers, protect underlying tissue/ protect skin from heat
protects from heat/micrubes, chemicals-skin
Glandular epithelium
specialized epithelium to creat a substance
secretes substance
Endocrine glands
secrete into interstitial fluid and diffuse ( pituitary, hormones, adrenals, thyroid)
exocrine glands
secretes into ducts/mucus, perspiration, milk, saliva, digestive enzymes