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New Deal Programs

Civilian Conservation Corps
CCC 1933. Provided jobs for young men to plant trees, build bridges, and parks, and set up flood control projects.
Tennessee Valley Authority
TVA 1933. Built dams to provide cheap electric power for seven southern states; set up schools and health centers.
Federal Emergency Relief Act
FERA 1933. Gave relief to unemployed and needy.
Agriculture Adjustment Act
AAA 1933. Paid farmers not to grow certain crops.
National Recovery Administration
NRA 1933. Enforced codes that regulated wages, prices, and working conditions
Public Works Administration
PWA 1933. Built ports, schools, and aircraft carriers.
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
FDIC 1933. Insured savings accounts in banks approved by the government.
Rural Electrification Administration
REA 1935. Loaned money to extend electricity to rural areas
Works Progress Administration
WPA 1935. Employed men and woman to build hospitals, schools, parks, and airports; employed artists, writers, musicians
Social Security Act
SSA 1935. Set u a system of pensions for elderly, the unemployed dependent children, and people with disabilities.