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match parts with functions

corpus callosum

connects the two cerebral hemispheres


controls vital functions like heartbeat and respiration


associated with short term memory


relays messages between the cerebrum and the cerebellum

pituitary gland

master gland of the body that controls hormone secretion


contain cerebrospinal fluid

occipital lobe

receives and interprets visual sensory messages

temporal lobe

involved in hearing and smell


most common neurotransmitter in the body

frontal lobe

site of logic and reasoning

parietal lobe

handles all sensory info except vision,hearing, and smell


relay station for sensory information

pineal gland

produces the hormone melatonin that influences wake/sleep cycles


controls balance and equilibrium

optic chiasm

where the optic nerves cross over

gray matter

made up of nerve cell bodies

white matter

made up of nerve axons


regulates body temperature,water balance, and metabolism

gyri and sulci

increase the surface area of the cerebrum

olfactory bulb

involved in the sense of smell

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