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Mag Change
When reloading the m16 the main focus should be on the _____
Receiver Assembly
Everything connects to it. Houses the cartridges ejector and serves as the support for all major groups and assemblies of the weapon and ejects the round
Ready Carry
is imminent
cycle the weapon
What do you do when you have a bad primer
3 Carries fo the m/16 and the m500
Ready Tactical Alert
Purpose of tactical loading
making sure you have a fully loaded weapon
Navy Security Force Mission Requires
1. Protection of life of property 2. Enforcement of laws and regulations 3. Preservation of good order and discipline
Upper Receiver
bolt carrier group is located where on the rifle?
Buttstock Contains
Lower sling swivel and buffer assembly
3 safety features of 9mm
1.Decocking safety lever 2. firing pin block 3. half cock safety notch
3 modes of fire
1.safety 2. automatic 3.semi automatic
3 Transports for the M500 shotgun
1.strong side 2. weak side 3. cross body
Alert carry is
Cycles of operation
1. feeding - stripping a round into chamber. 2. cocking - rearward movement forces hammer back
Most authority on range
Line Coach
assist RSO
Stops a round
Hides you but wont stop a round
the user
primary safety of a weapon is who?
4 funds of marksmanship
1. steady position 2.proper aiming 3.breath control 4.trigger squeeze
4 stoppages
1. slide not forward 2.mag not seated 3. double feed 4. stove pipe
Clearing barrel
where is patrol loading done?
show clear requires a ___
Second pair of eyes
holds the m16 cleaning supplies
Mag group assembly
What houses cartridges ready for feeding?
What size round does the M500 hold?
2 3/4
How many rounds does the M500 hold?
Max range of the M500
660 Yards
Max effective range of the M500
50 yards
The Bead
Front sight of the M500
Trigger assembly
Houses the hammer, sear, disconnector, and the action lock lever
To load the M16 you go from condition _ to _
4 TO 3
To make the M16 ready you go from condition _ to _
3 TO 1
Max range of the M16
3600 Meters
Mx effective range of the M16
550 Meters
speed and tactical
two types of rifle reloads
Rate of fire for the M16
12-15 rounds per minute
M16 SEMI AUTO rate of fire
45 rounds per minute
Jewelry , Injuries, Tap out rate, Training area, Stretching
Universal Weapons Safety Rules
Holster and Admin
Two types of firearms transport
What condition is the weapon in for turnover?
Condition 4
M9 Muzzle Velocity
1,230 FPS
M9 Max Effective range
50 meters
Clearing Barrel
Provides safe direction during loading and unloading
a supervisor in the chain of command issues weapons handling commands for the purpose of what?
Loading, unloading employment
Doesn't mean immediate or instantaneous
Rear sight of the AR
Can a function check be performed at the clearing barrel?
2 types of subjects
passive and active
Mag follower
Locks slide to the rear
Deadly force Triangle
1. Capability - inflict death 2. Opportunity - weapon is in range to cause death 3. Intent - willingness to cause death
5 step process of ORM
1. Identify Hazards 2.Assess Hazards 3. Make Risk Decisions 4. Implement Controls 5. Supervise
Ammo for buck shot
9.33 Cal pellets in each round
Armory Turnover
Weapons, keys, misc
When weapon is in effective range to cause death or serious harm
Natural Response pause
2-3 seconds
Crew served weapon
A weapon that takes 2-4 people to manage
Condition 1
Safety on Magazine inserted Round in Chamber Slide forward
Condition 2
Does not apply
Condition 3
Safety on Magazine inserted No round in chamber Slide Forward
Condition 4
Safety on Magazine not inserted No round in chamber Slide forward