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set point

some researchers assume that there is a fixed internal standard called_________, around which a person's body weight is regulated


in cultures that encourage ________, such as China and Japan, measure of achievement motivatiob more strongly reflect th desire to fit in to the family and social group anbd to meet the expectation an work goals to these groups


an inherited characteristic that produces a particular response when an organism is exposed to particular stimulus and is common to all members of a speciesd is called a (n) _________


according to Sternberg's theory of love which of the following is NOT a basic component of love?

anorexia nervosa

people with the eating disorder call ________have an intense fear of being fat and severly restrict their food intake, often to the point of starvation

taste of food

according to the text, the most obvious enviromental factor that influence eating is the _______


the board term _______ refers to the general processes that affect the direction, perisitance, and strength of goal-directed behavior


the concept of _______ refers to the body's tendency to maintain an iontrenal state of physiological balance

a need hierarchy

Abraham Maslaw's concept of ________ specifically refers to his assumption that people are motivated to achieve their potential by a range of need, from basic biological needs for safety and nutrition to spiritual growth needs


the process by which we appraise and cope with envirommental threats and challenges

A Type

a competitive, hot-tempered corporation president


using emotional, behavioral, or cognitive methods to alleviate stress is known as_____


aerobic exercise has been most closely linked to decrease in _______

general adaptation syndrome

body's response tp prolonged stress in stages


the term catharsis refers to emotional ______

emotion-focused coping

to alleviate the stress he feel after failing a college course, Jermey seekd social support from his friends and family. Jermey's behavior best illustrates______

health psychology

the subfield of psychology that provides psychology's contribution to the prevention and treatment of illness is known as ______

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