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5th Grade Social Studies


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cold flat area where trees cannot grow
an area of soft, wet, spongy ground
a group of independent nations that in the past have been ruled by the British government
economic indicator
a measure of a country's economy and how well its' people live
electricity produced by flowing water
international trade
trade between different countries
a person sent out by a religious organization to spread its beliefs
a kind of mud brick
international trade
a trade between different countries
deep, narrow valley
crop rotation
the planting of different crops in different years
animals raised on farms and ranches
for human use
Appalachian Mountain Range
Begins in Alabama and ends in Canada
John Deere
known for his many contributions to the farming industry, most importantly, inventing the plow.
Methods of shipping goods in the Midwest
barge, truck, trains
nonrenewable resource in Southwest Region
Lowest Point in North America
Death Valley
Highest Point in North America
Mt. McKinley
Prime Minister is in charge of
Legislative and Executive branches
Prime Minister picks his cabinet members from
House of Commons
Majority of Canada's wealth
natural resources
Largest Mountain Range in North America
Rocky Mountains
Made Grand Canyon a National Park
Theodore Roosevelt
Name the five great lakes
Huron, Ontario, Michigan, Erie, Superior
Issues of the Civil War
1) Slavery 2) How people felt about their state and their country
Effects of the Civil War
Many Confederate soldiers died from wounds or disease
Cities and farms in the South had been burned and factories had been destroyed
Thirteenth Amendment made slavery illegal in the U.S.
Miguel Hidalgo
a Catholic priest, made a speech known as the Cry of Dolores, in which he urged the Mexican people to rebel from the Spanish so that Mexicans could govern Mexico themselves.
Rebelled and won their independence in 1821
US entered in World War 2
Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor
What country borders the United States to the North?
What country borders the United States to the South?
What main bodies of water border the majority of the United States?
Atlantic, Pacific, Gulf of Mexico