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Anatomy ANS test


Para: Constricts Symp: Dilates


P: Stimulates secretion S: No innervation

Sweat glands

P: No innervation S: Stimulates sweat production

Arrector pili muscles

P: No innervation S: Stimulates contraction

Heart Muscle

P: decreases rate, slows, steadies heart S: Increases rate and force of heart beat

Coronary blood vessels

P: Vasoconstricts S: Vasodilates


P: Constricts bronchioles S: Dilates bronchioles

Digestive tract organs

P: Increases peristalsis, relaxes sphincters S: decreases activity, constricts sphincters


P: No effect S: stimulates liver to secrete glucose into the blood

Adrenal medulla

P: No effect S: Stimulates to secrete adrenalin into blood

Urinary system

P: Contracts bladder wall, promotes voiding S: Relaxes bladder wall, decreases urine output

Female reproductive system

P: Inhibits uterine contraction, vasodilates clitoris S: contracts vaginal walls, uterus

Male reproductive system

P: Causes vasodilation, erection, S: Causes ejaculation

Blood vessels

P: Little or no effect S: Constricts bv of digestive system, skin to divert blood to heart, brain, skeletal muscles, raises BP

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