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Number The Stars

Number The Stars
Setting for Number The Stars
Copenhagen, Denmark
Ellen Rosen
10 years old with dark hair; has to hide because she is Jewish
Annemarie Johansen
10 years old silvery blonde hair, mature and brave
5 years old stubborn little sister
Christian X
the king of Denmark, who has a serious/kind face
the king's horse
Older sister of Annemarie and Kirstie; she died in an accident 2 weeks before her wedding
Why Denmark did not fight the Germans
Denmark is a small country and if they fought them they would lose and many people from Denmark would die
a native or inhabitant of Denmark
Lise's fiancee
The seventh day of the week, Saturday, observed as the day of rest and worship by the Jews and some Christian groups.
Why was Mrs. Hirsch's shop (store) closed?
Because the German soldiers closed the shops of the Jews; this was the way of the Germans tormenting the Jews
Rosen family
Jewish family
What story did the girls like to re-enact with their paperdolls?
Gone With the Wind
A garden in Copenhagen; Annemarie's parents used to take her there all the time but the German soldiers burned it down
Kirsti wrongly remembers fire works going off on her birthday. What really happened?
The king ordered the Danish navy to be destroys so she really heard bombs from the war.
How do the Nazi's find out where the Jewish families live?
The German soldiers (Nazi's) got a list of all of the Jews from the Rabbi in the synagogue.
What did Annemarie take from Ellen when the soldiers came to her house?
Ellen's necklace with the Star of David
Who did Ellen pretend to be?
Lise Johansen
How did Mr. Johansen convince the soldiers Ellen was his daughter?
Showing them a picture of Lise when she was a baby.
Why didn't Mama want Papa to go with them on the trip?
Because the Natzi's would be more suspicious if they all (the entire family) were gone.
Uncle Henrik
Mama's brother; uncle of Annemarie and Kirstie
The code word Papa used when talking to Uncle Henrik when he told him Mama would be bringing them to him.
What the Rosen family was going to celebrate?
The Jewish New Year
How did Peter die?
Shot at the square
What does Peter request in the letter he writes before he dies?
To be buried next to Lise (but the Germans do not allow it).
Where was Peter buried?
At the square where he was shot.
How did the Danes make it possible for the dogs not to smell the jews?
With a handkerchief that had a chemical that would stop the sense of smell of the dogs.
Why did Uncle Henrik say it was better for Annemarie not to know everything?
It would help her to be brave and not be afraid.
What did Mama have Annemarie take to Uncle Henrik?
An important package that contained the handkerchief.
Who is the author of Number the Stars?
Lois Lowry
What is Annemarie's last name?
In what country does this story take place?
How do the Rosens keep from being caught by the Nazi's?
They escape to Sweden.
What must Ellen remove to keep the Germans from guessing she is Jewish?
Star of David necklace
Why do the soldiers stop Annemarie on her way to Uncle Henrik's boat?
They are looking for escaping Jews.
Why does Henrik need the handkerchief in the package?
Because it keeps the German dogs from smelling humans.
How did Mrs. Johansen keep the soldiers from opening the casket?
By saying that her aunt had died of typhus.
Who is afraid of the sea?
Mrs. Rosen
Where did the author get the title of her novel?
From a psalm in the Bible.
Why must Mr. Johansen stay at home when the rest of the family goes to Henrik's?
To keep the soldiers from being suspicious at their absence.
How did Lise Johansen die?
She was run over by the Nazi's.
Why is Kirstie upset when Ellen leaves?
Because Ellen left during the night while Kirstie slept and did not say goodbye.
How does Henrik keep his Jewish passengers hidden?
He hides them under the deck of the boat.
What does Peter give the baby before they leave for Henrik's boat?
Medicine to make it sleep during the trip.
Where are the Johansens when Denmark is liberated?
On their balcony in Copenhagen.
This story takes place during what war?
World War II
The main plot of the book highlights the Nazi plan to:
Arrest and relocate all of Denmark's Jews.
Mrs. Johansen buys Kirstie a pair of new shoes. She hates that the shoes are made out of:
fish skins.
Why couldn't Mama take the package to Uncle Henrik?
She had hurt her ankle and could not walk well.
Rosh Hashana is the celebration of:
The Jewish New Year.
Who does Ellen pretend to be when the German soldiers come to the Johansens house?
When Uncle Henrik returns from taking the Rosens to Sweden, how does he show Annemarie that he now regards her as an equal?
He tells her the secrets of how they are helping the Jews get to Sweden.