Film Studies 1


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A motion picture; a movie. A narrative motion picture
A device that record images on film or digital hard drives.
Long Shot
A shot that depicts an entire character or object from head to foot.
Medium Shot
The shot that utilizes the most common framing in movies, shows less than a long shot, more than a close-up.
Close Up
A shot that keeps only the face full in the frame.
Establishing Shot
The clue is in the name. A shot, at the start of the scene, that clearly shows the location the action is set in. Often comes after an aerial shot.
Arc Shot
A shot in which the subject is circled by the camera.
Bridging Shot
A shot that denotes a shift in time or place, like a line moving across an animated map.
Aerial Shot
An exterior shot filmed from the air. Often used to establish a location.
Cowboy Shot
A shot framed from mid thigh up, so called because of its recurrent use in Westerns