Film Studies 3


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Steadicam Shot
A shot from a hydraulically balanced camera that allows for a smooth, fluid movement.
Tilt Shot
A shot where the camera moves continuously Up to Down or Down To Up. A vertical panning shot. A tilt to the sky is traditionally a last shot in a movie.
A shot looking directly down on a scene rather than at an angle.
Tracking Shot
A shot that follows a subject be it from behind or alongside or in front of the subject. Not as clumsy or random as a panning shot, an elegant shot
A shot deploying a lens with a variable focal length that allows the cinematographer to change the distance between camera and object without physically moving the camera.
A motion picture photographer.
Motion Picture
A series of filmed images projected on a screen so rapidly the illusion of motion is created.
Special Effects
A visual effect that is produced using special machinery, props, miniatures, matte paintings or digital animation
Mise en scene
refers to everything that appears before the camera and its arrangement—sets, props, actors, costumes, and lighting
The process by which an editor compiles shots into scenes and scenes into a film