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Map math Vocabulary terms

obtuse angle

an angle that measures more than 90 degrees and less than 180 degrees.


the result or consequence

perpendicular lines

intersecting lines that form right angles (90 degrees)

negative numbers

whole numbers (no fractions or decimals) with a value less than 0


the number that appears most often in a set of numbers


the middle number in a set of numbers ordered from least to greatest


the average; To find the mean you add up all of the listed numbers and divide the sum by the nuber of items in the list.

line plot

a graph in which data is organized along a line. A chosen symbol (ex: an x) is used to show how often that answer is given


a number to be divided by another number


two shapes of exactly the same size and shape

common factor

a number that is a factor of two or more numbers


a period of 100 years

acute angle

an angle that measures between 0 degrees and 89 degrees


a tool used to measure angles

roman numerals

an ancient number system using letters to represent numbers. (ex: I=1, V=5, X=10)

standard form

a number written how we normally write numbers (ex: 6,456)

three dimensional

objets that are solid and have length, width, and depth. Some examples are cubes, pyramids, and prisms)


a mark used to keep track of numbers

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