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  1. inciting event
  2. major dramatic question
  3. Poetics
  4. Obstacle
  5. Tragicomedy
  1. a What a character has to overcome to achieve their objective.
  2. b A sad story with a happy ending
  3. c The point in the plot when the major dramatic question is asked.
  4. d Written by Aristotle, the earliest known essay analyzing theatre.
  5. e - the question posed early on in the play and keeps the audience interested until it is answered at the plot's resolution.

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  1. The Russia n actor/director who developed a widely used system for analyzing a character.
  2. A style of theatrical production and dramatic writing that imitates selected traits of the language and appearance of everyday life.
  3. the description of a plot of a play where the action develops in chronological order without flashbacks
  4. a tryout for a part in a play
  5. genre associated with anarchic and unbelievable situations. The film Death at a Funeral is an example of a farce.

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  1. emotional recallWhen an actor remembers how he or she felt in a similar situation in real life and substitutes that feeling for the character's emotional state during the performance of a role.


  2. MelodramaThe plot is good versus evil. Star Wars is an example of melodrama


  3. spectaclethe visual aspects of a production


  4. CharacterThe agents for the action


  5. objectiveWritten by Aristotle, the earliest known essay analyzing theatre.