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  1. status quo
  2. Poetics
  3. domestic comedy
  4. Obstacle
  5. emotional recall
  1. a What a character has to overcome to achieve their objective.
  2. b Written by Aristotle, the earliest known essay analyzing theatre.
  3. c Topics focus on family issues.
  4. d When an actor remembers how he or she felt in a similar situation in real life and substitutes that feeling for the character's emotional state during the performance of a role.
  5. e the stable situations at the beginning of a plot, before the dramatic question is asked.

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  1. A style of theatrical production and dramatic writing that imitates selected traits of the language and appearance of everyday life.
  2. The character's main goal
  3. - A serious play that makes you feel exhilarated because the hero's experience teaches you some profound truth about your life and affirms that your worst expectations about life are true.
  4. When an actor gets asked back for a second reading for a part in a play.
  5. also known as tragedy. The word derives from the ancient Greek religious ceremonies at which a god was sometimes depicted as having attributes of a goat.

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  1. plotAristotle said that the plot was the "life and soul of the drama".


  2. dictionan event that changes the status quo in the plot of the play


  3. CharacterThe agents for the action


  4. cinematicthe description of a plot of a play where the action develops in chronological order without flashbacks


  5. turning pointThe point in the plot when the major dramatic question is asked.