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has something to do with
is in connection with
is thrilled by calamity
loves sensationalized news
sleepy haven
peaceful and quiet
has something for everyone
most people will find something interesting
internationally renowned
known worldwide
to get around
to go from one place to another
it dates back to...
it has existed since...
ranges from... to...
offers a variety of things
the birthplace of...
...was born here
taken good care of
received little response
no one really answered
no one had objections
everybody liked it
ideally placed
has a good location
with no loss of life
everyone survived
en route
on the way
spend their wealth on humanitarian causes
profits go to charity
was named after
got his name
to head off to + place
to go somewhere
to give it a go
to try doing something
in addition to
I was hooked on it.
I enjoyed doing it greatly.
to learn about something
to find out about something
not a traditionalist