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Apps II 001 Vocabulary

North Carolina Computer Apps II Competency 001 Vocabulary
The process of adding movement to a graphic.
Audio card
A card (set of chips) that converts analog sound to digital data for use or storage inside a computer.
Audio files
Files that add music or voice sounds to a presentation.
Bitmap images
Images created in paint programs or through scanners; the information is stored as a group of pixels and mapped to a grid.
A special, extra part of RAM where frequently accessed information is stored.
Camera ready
The final copy of a document or artwork used by commercial printers to make the plate for printing multiple copies.
A medium that holds text, graphics, and sound.
Compressed files
Data encoded so it takes less storage space.
Makeup of a computer system; choose from a variety of options such as a specific monitor, printer, etc.
Restore compressed data back to its original size.
A method of recording information in binary pulses so it can be stored in computers.
Driver--(device driver)
A program that links a device, such as a mouse, printer, CD ROM player, etc. to the operating systems.
Execution file
A file name having a .COM or .BAT or .EXE extension; used to load the computer software.
File formats
(examples) - ASCII, CAD, BMP, EPS, JIFF, PC Paintbrush, PIC, TIFF, JPG, AU, DOC. The format often is shown in the extension for the file name.
Media player
A Windows utility that can play video clips, animation, or sound files.
A file containing musical data encoded according to Musical Instrument Digital Interface specifications.
Motion card
A card that enables a presentation to dispaly a motion picture on a computer monitor.
A system used to store camera photographs on a compact disk.
Printer drivers
Software that converts an application program's printing request into the language that the printer understands.
A magnetic disk device that records both video and audio from a television signal.
Waveform file
A file that stores digitized sound (such as music or spoken words).