TCA 5th grade Solar System

34 terms by karirector

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an optical telescope uses these or mirrors to make distant objects seem larger and nearer


the orbiting Hubble Space Telescope "sees" objects more clearly than Earth-based telescopes because Earth's _____does not change Hubble's view


these telescopes are giant dishes on Earth's surface that gather radio waves from objects in space


the solar system includes eight of these that orbit the sun


The planet that is closest to the sun


The planet that is furthest from the sun


Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars are terrestrial planets with surfaces made of this


Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune are jovian planets with surfaces made of this


it's most noticeable feature is its large set of rings


a rock that revolves around the sun in a belt between Mars and Jupiter


an instrument that makes distant objects seem larger and nearer


a natural object that orbits a planet


an object in space that orbits another object


an object made of ice, dust and rock that orbits the sun


a meteroid that enters the earth's atmosphere


a large object that orbits a star but does not give off its own light


the force of attraction between any two objects


a path that one object takes as it moves around another object


earth and other planets move in orbits around this


moving objects have the tendency to keep moving in a straight line, called


every year, Earth makes one complete trip or ___around the Sun


sunlight strikes the Earth differently at different times of the year because Earth's axis is this


the changes in the angle of sunlight on Earth's surface causes these


when the northern hemisphere is tilted away form the sun it is the season


when it is winter in the northern hemisphere, it is __in the southern hemisphere


the appearance and shape of the moon as you see it from earth


a darkening or hiding of the sun, a planet or moon by another object in space


the rise and fall of the ocean's surface beacause of the gravity of the moon and the sund


a bulge of water occurs on the side of Earth facing the ____ and on the opposite side of the planet

low tides

there are high tides at the bulges of water and _________halfway between the bulges

spring tides

when the sun and moon align at full moon and pull on Earth together, the higher high tides and lower low tides are called

neap tides

when the sun and moom pull at a right angle and their pulls partly cancel each other, more moderate tides are called

lunar eclipse

when the moon moves into Earth's shadow this occurs

solar eclipse

when the moon passes directly between the Sun and Earth this happens

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