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  1. affirmatively
  2. optimism
  3. impact
  4. monotonous
  5. valor
  1. a in an assenting, positive manner; by saying or voting "yes"
  2. b tiresomely uniform; lacking in variety; unvarying
  3. c striking of one body against another; forceful contact; collision
  4. d tendency to take most hopeful or cheerful view of matters and to expect the best possible outcome
  5. e boldness or determination in facing great danger; personal bravery in combat; courage

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  1. 1. using, spending, or giving more than is necessary; extravagant 2. more than enough; very abundant; unlimited; profuse
  2. 1. bubble of foam as if boiling; boil 2. be in a state of excitement or agitation
  3. sense of dissatisfaction arising from unresolved problems or unfulfilled needs; disappointment; defeat
  4. 1. keep in operation; keep up; keep 2. uphold or defend, as by arguement; assert; affirm
  5. time of great danger and instability; emergency; turning point

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  1. grotesqueabsurdly awkward; fantastic


  2. guerrillafull of danger; involving risk; dangerous; hazardous


  3. periloustime of great danger and instability; emergency; turning point


  4. altercationnoisy or angry dispute; heated arguement; quarrel; wrangle


  5. impendingrecognize or establish as being a particular person or thing; establish the sameness of