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v. to free from restraint or influence; to free (a slave) from bondage


n. a device for confining the hands; handcuffs; anything that constrains; to restrain


n. a formal order from a higher court; a authoritative command, order, or injunction


adj, clearly apparent to sight, or understanding obvious; a list of cargo passengers; to show plainly; to reveal; to prove


v. to use or handle skillfully; to manage with devious skill, or to adjust to suit one's purpose


n. skill in the use of the hands or body; adroitness; mental skill or adroitness; cleverness


adj. able to use wither hand equally well


adj. relating to a finger or to a unit of measure; (3/4 inch) the breadth of a finger; referring to a numerical system


v. to turn aside; to swerve or turn aside


v. to bend the knee in a kneeling or half-kneeling position to express reverence or respect


n. an alternation of pitch or tone of the voice; in grammar, an alteration of the form of a word to show different grammatical or syntactical relationships


n. the act or condition of being thrown back; something thrown back, as light, heat, sound, or an image; discredit; indirect reproach; deep thought


adj. excessively grasping or greedy; given to seizing for plunder or as prey


adj. giving one's complete attention; overcome with emotion; completely filled with joy


adj. done secretly, without approval

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