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  1. United Mine Workers of America Strike
  2. The Lost Generation
  3. Seattle General Strike
  4. Neutrality Acts
  5. Overspeculation
  1. a Means to over "guess." The majority of the people felt the stock market will go up, so they greedily buy, when in reality it's the peak already and stock market prices will drop soon.
  2. b 35,000 shipyard workers walked off the job demanding higher wages and shorter hours.In the end, the workers returned to work but without any gains.
  3. c 1919, demanded shorter hours and higher wages, Attorney General Mitchell Palmer got injunctions and the union strike dissolved
  4. d a group of American writers that rebelled against America's lack of cosmopolitan culture in the early 20th century. Many moved to cultural centers such as London in Paris in search for literary freedom. Prominent writers included T.S. Eliot, Ezra Pound, and Ernest Hemingway among others.
  5. e Originally designed to avoid American involvement in World War II by preventing loans to those countries taking part in the conflict; they were later modified in 1939 to allow aid to Great Britain and other Allied nations.

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  1. Jan. 14-23, 1943 - FDR and Chruchill met in Morocco to settle the future strategy of the Allies following the success of the North African campaign. They decided to launch an attack on Italy through Sicily before initiating an invasion into France over the English Channel. Also announced that the Allies would accept nothing less than Germany's unconditional surrender to end the war.
  2. D-Day
    Unconditional surrender of Germany
  3. an American aviator, engineer , and Pulitzer Prize winner. He was famous for flying solo across the Atlantic, paving the way for future aviational development.
  4. a novelist and chronicler of the jazz age. his wife, zelda and he were the "couple" of the decade but hit bottom during the depression. his noval THE GREAT GATSBY is considered a masterpiece about a gangster's pursuit of an unattainable rich girl.
  5. the name of the American B-29 bomber, piloted by Col. Paul Tibbets, Jr., that dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima, Japan, on Aug. 6, 1945.

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  1. Detroit Race Riot1943, The Detroit riot was the largest riot in a year in which the United States saw eight major riots. Forty-three people were killed during the violence.


  2. AAAWork Progress Administration: Massive work relief program funded projects ranging from construction to acting; disbanded by FDR during WWII


  3. Battle of Britainan aerial battle fought in World War II in 1940 between the German Luftwaffe (air force), which carried out extensive bombing in Britain, and the British Royal Air Force, which offered successful resistance.


  4. Al CaponeUniversal negro improvement association; founded by marcus garvey to end racism through seperation of races


  5. Back to Africa MovementChanged date president takes office from March 4th to January 20th. Changed start of Congress to January3rd. End of Lame Duck Congress