31 terms

The Great Depression

the many groups and leaders thatare needed to run government programs
retirement income paid to people who stop working at a certain age
minimum wage
the lowest amount of money bay law that a person can be paid per hour
hydroelectric dam
dam that uses water it stores to produce electricity
Franklin Roosevelt
thirty second US president. he began the New Deal programs to help the nation of the Great Depression, and he was the nations leader during most of WW2
someone who uses money to buy or make something that will yield a profit
a time when industries do now grow and many people are out of work
the number of workers without jobs
someone who studies the economy
balanced budget
a government plan for spending in which does not spend more money than it makes.
samll towns made up of homes and tents that poor people made using what ever materials they could find-almost like homeless shelters
Dust Bowl Region
In the states Colorado, Kansas, Texas, New Mexico,suffered harsh droughts and very bad dust storms, dust covered everything, droughts
Will Rogers
American comedian during the Great Depretion
Walter Disney
American film producer, cartoon creator, and builder of theme parks
when the bank takes back a home for failure to pay back house rents
to kick someone out for failure to pay rent
spirit or attitude
Herbert Hoover
Thirty first US president. When the Great Depression began he thought the economy was healthy and conditions would improve
hundred days
the time when Roosevelt started his new deal program, because new laws were passeed than at any other time in our history
hoover hogs
jackrabbits caught for dinner during the Great Depretion
hoover blankets
newspapers that were created to make a blanket
Bonus Army
a hooverville of war veterans outide of Washington D.C
Emergency Banking Act
let the strongest banks open again
Federal Deposit insurance Corporation
only let a person put up to a certain amount of money in a bank, the money would be insured by the federal government, if the bank lost the money the federal government would pay it back
Civilan Conservation Corps
had to be single, unemployed, and between 17 and 23, had to pay 22 dollars to family members out of their $30 that they made, stayed at camp whole time provided many supplies
Works Progress Administration
built roads and highways also repaired public buildings hired artists
National Industrial Recovery Act
helped labor unions
Public Works Administration
Helped repair roads and buildings and other public projects
Fair Labor Standards Act
Wages and Hours Law made minimum wage first 25c. per hour against the laws for children under 16 to work
Tennessee Valley Authority
cleared sandbars,built dams to help flooding hydroelectric dams
Rural Electrification Administration
took electricity into rural areas