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Lesson 5

For 100 years the S foreign policy was guided by the____________.
Washington Approach
Wilson believed that Foreign policy should be guided by...
Legalistic, idealistic, and moralistic principles.
Washington believed tthat foreign policy should be guided by..
National intrestest
Washingotn felt that America should not _______ on be half of its principles.
Wilson was a ________.
Washington promoted peace with his great rule: The US should steer clear of _________ _________.
Permenant Alliances
Wilson promoted peace with legal institutions, (League of Nations) and __________ ________.
Collective security: which requires member nations to unite and help victims of aggression
How did this change in policy occur?
It started with the desire to acquire additional territory.
Who was Alfred Thayer Mahan?
Leading advocate of sea power and western imperialism and captain of the Navy.
What book did Alfred Thayer Mahan Write?
The influence of sea power upon history
What was Alfred Thayer Mahans argument?
National greatness and prosperity flowed from navy power
Who was John Fiske?
Historian and popular lecturer on darwinism
What book did John Fiske Write?
American Politcal Ideas viewed from the standpoint of universal history
What was John Fiske's Argument?
Stressed the superior character of "Anglo-Saxon" institutions and people
Who is Josiah Strong
Congregationalist Minister
What book did Josiah Strong Write?
Our Country: Its possible future and its present crisis
What did Josiah Strong assert and what was the Anglo-Saxon divinely commissioned to be
His Keeper Brother
Which president got the ball rolling with this new progressive foreign policy do-gooder view?
William Mckinley
What did the spanish general nicknamed "Butcher" do to the cubans?
put them in detention centers
What did De Lome call President Mckinley?
Weak and a bidder for the admiration of the crowd
What happened to The Maine?
It was blown up in Havanah Harbor (the blame went to spain)
Who proclaimed "The US needs a War"
Theodore Roosevelt
When did the Spanish/American war begin?
In a military sense, how successfull was the US in this war?
The US was launched into the wold as a great power
T or F
In the Spanish-American war, more American soldiers died from disease than from battle
The war officially ended with the treaty of ___________
Treaty of Paris.
gave cuba its freedom
gave the US puerto rico and guam
sold the US the philippines for 20 million bucks
People that opposed McKinley were called..?
In what war were 7000 US soldiers and 216,000 Filipinos killed, and costed the american taxpayer 600 million bucks ?
The Philippines War
What did the US agree to in the Hay-Herran Treaty?
pay 10 million in cash and a rental fee of 250,000 a year for canal Zone. 6 million wide (panama canal)
What was the Monroe Doctrine?
A statement issued by President Monroe back in the early 1820s and basically it told Europe to stay out and not interfere with the Americas
Define The Roosevelt Corollary to the Monroe Doctrine (1905)
The Monroe Doctrine Prohibited intervention in the region by Europeans, the US was justified in intervening 1st to forestall involvement by outsiders