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endotherm, vertebrate, feathers, four-chambered heart, and shelled eggs

What are 5 characteristics that all birds share?

hollow bones, strong chest muscles, wings, air sacs, and feathers

What are the 5 adaptations that birds have for flight?

contour and down feathers

What are the two types of feathers that birds have?

give shape to birds; help steer and provide balance during flight

What do contour feathers do for a bird?

insulation; keep bird warm

What are down feathers used for in a bird?


What is adapted to quick and efficient eating on a bird?

stores food

what does the crop do in a bird?

grinds food

what does the gizzard do in a bird?

1/4 of its body weight

What amount of a birds body weight does a bird eat each day?


True of False. Birds have teeth.

provide additional storage of air

What do air sacs do for flying in a bird?


True of False. There is mixing of blood in a bird's heart.

brain, eyes, hearing

What are the 3 things that are well developed in a bird?


What type of fertilization does a bird have?

close to the body temperature of the adult bird

At what temperature will bird eggs develop?

feed, protect

Fill in the blanks. Parents ____ and _____ young birds.

claws, bills, and legs

In addition to adaptations for flight, what are three other adaptations birds have for living in diverse environments?

pollinate flowers, eat pest animals, are food for animals, provide bedding/clothing, and carry the seeds of plants to new places

List 5 reasons why birds are important to life on earth?


How many chambers does a birds heart have?

it helps the bird feed quickly and efficiently

Why is the shape of a bird's beak important?

an endothermic vertebrate with feathers and a four chambered heart


large feathers that give shape to a bird's body and help with flying

contour feathers

feathers that trap heat and keep a bird warm

down feathers

material that helps to keep something warm


hollow, lightweight, and strong

Fill in the blanks. Bird's bones are _______, _______, and ________.



endothermic vertebrate with a four chambered heart and skin covered with hair or fur


strong muscle below the chest that allows a mammal to inhale and exhale


produces milk in female mammals to feed their young

mammary glands

vertebrates, endotherms, hair or fur, four chambered heart, young fed with mother's milk, internal fertilization, teeth, and young are born alive

What are 8 characteristics that most mammals share?

have/had fur or hair some point in their life

What is true about fur and hair for mammals?

lightweight insulation

What does fur and hair provide on a mammal?

insulates the body and conserves heat

What two things does fat do for a mammal?

incisors, canines, premolars, and molars

What are the four different shapes of teeth on a mammal?

biting and cutting food

What are incisors used for?

tearing into food

What are canines used for?

grinding and shredding food

What are premolars and molars used for?

huge, moist surface area for gas exchange


brain, sight, and smell

What are 3 things that are well developed in a mammal?

nervous system

What is movement controlled by in a mammal?

complex, coordinated

Fill in the blanks. Mammals have ________, ________ movement.


What do mammals feed their young with?

inside the mother's body

Where do the majority of young mammals develop?

mammary glands

Where is the milk produced in a mammal?


True or False. Some mammals lay shelled eggs.

they stay together for an extended time

What is generally true between young mammals and their parents?


Fill in the blank. The nervous system in the mammal is used to direct and coordinate _________ movement.


Fill in the blank. In general, the larger the placental mammal, the longer the ____________ period.


what substance passes from baby to mother through the placenta?

food, oxygen, and water

what three substances pass from mother to baby through the placenta?

an organ in pregnant female mammals that passes materials between the mother and the developing embryo

What is the placenta?

they develop inside their mother's body until its body systems can function independently

How is development different for the placental mammals compared to the other two?

the length of time between fertilization and birth/pregnancy

What is a gestation period?

the young usually develop in a pouch on their mother's body

What is unique to marsupial birth and development?


Is parental care for young exhibited by the spiny anteater and the duck billed platypus?

they lay eggs

What is the common characteristic the spiny anteater and the duck billed platypus share?

the spiny anteater and the duck billed platypus

Name two animals that are classified into the group of monotremes?

monotremes, marsupials, and placental mammals

All mammals are classified into what three groups?

how their young develop

On what basis is a mammal placed into the three mammal groups?

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