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Chapter 34 - Male Reproductive System

In the male reproductive system, the essential organs of reproduction are called:


The accessory organs of the male reproductive system include all the following except:


Which of the following is not a supporting structure of the male reproductive system?


Which of the following is not a secreting gland in the male reproductive system?

Bulbourethral glands

The supporting structures in the male reproductive system include:

all of the above.

Progesterone released by cells surrounding the ovum

increase motility and attract sperm to the ovum.

Which of the following is(are) not classified as an accessory organ(s) of the reproductive system in the male?


Which of the following statements is not true?

The right testis is usually lower than the left testis.

The efferent ductules:

drain the rete testis.

Which of the following divides the testes into lobules?

Tunica albuginea

The dense, white, fibrous capsule that encases each testis is called the:

tunica albuginea.


inhibits the anterior pituitary secretion of FSH and LH. helps regulate metabolism and stimulates protein anabolism. promotes kidney tubule secretion of potassium. Does all of the above.

In the male, LH:

stimulates the interstitial cells to increase their secretion of testosterone.

Which of the following is not an effect of testosterone?

Promotes lengthening of long bones.

The tightly coiled tube of the epididymis measures _____ feet in length.


Mechanical support and protection for developing germ cells in the testis are provided by:

Sertoli cells.

Which of the following is not a function of testosterone?

Initiation of spermatogenesis

To be capable of fertilizing an ovum, sperm must undergo a process called:


Each of the following is a duct in the male reproductive system except:

inguinal canal.

Normally, capacitation occurs in sperm:

after they have been introduced into the vagina of the female.

In spermatozoa, a helical arrangement of mitochondria is located in the:

cylindrical middle piece.

As part of the maturation process, sperm will stay in the epididymis for:

1 to 3 weeks.

The duct of the vas deferens is an extension of the:

tail of the epididymis.

In the male, the urethra is:

involved in the reproductive system, involved in the urinary system, classified as a genital duct. all of the above.

The structure that connects the epididymis with the ejaculatory duct is the:

vas deferens

The temperature required for sperm production is about _____ normal body temperature.

3 degrees below

The opening of the urethra at the tip of the glans is called the:

external urinary meatus.

The urethra runs through the center of the:

prostate gland.

The male gland that secretes a fructose sugar used as an energy source for sperm is the:

seminal vesicle..

The gland that secretes an alkaline substance that constitutes about 30% of the seminal fluid is the

prostate gland.

Contraction of both the dartos and cremaster muscles, which pull the testes upward against the perineum, is caused by:

sexual arousal, cold temperatures. both A and B.

The foreskin in the male is also known as the:


Which of the following is a part of the supporting structures of the male reproductive system?


The main factor determining male fertility is the:

number of sperm ejaculated.

Which of the following is not enclosed in the spermatic cord?

Ejaculatory ducts

Which of the following glands is not a paired accessory gland of the male reproductive system?


Leydig Cells is another name for:

interstitial cells.

Sertoli cells is another name for:

sustentacular cells.

Which of the following is true of the essential organ in the reproductive system?

It produces gametes; it is called the testis in the male; It is called the gonad in both sexes. All of the above are true.

The number of spermatids formed by one primary spermatocyte is:


Which of the following cells contain 46 chromosomes?

primary spermatocytes.

Which of the following is not true of FSH?

It stimulates the secretion of testosterone.

Which of the following statements is not true about the fluid produced by the seminal vesicles?

It contains glucose as an energy source for sperm cells. The correct answer is fructose, not glucose.

Which of the following statements is not true about prostate cancer?

It is the most common nonskin cancer in American men. The cancer can sometimes be detected by palpation. The PSA test is used to detect prostate cancer. All of the above are true about prostate cancer.

Which of the following statements is not true of the bulbourethral gland?

It joins the urethra at the prostate gland. Not True!

Which structure is not found in the scrotum?

Seminal vesicles

Functional sterility results when the sperm count per milliliter falls below _____ million.


Which term means "hidden testis?"


The male perineum extends from the pubis anteriorly to what structure posteriorly?


The function of Reinke crystalloids in the Leydig cells is:

uncertain at this time.

Which of the following is not a function of the Sertoli cells?

They produce testosterone. Not a function.

Which of the following is not true of interstitial cells?

They for the blood-testis barrier. Not true!

What reproductive duct is divided into the head, body, and tail?


What reproductive duct has thick, muscular walls and can be palpated in the scrotal sac as a smooth, movable cord?

Vas deferens

What reproductive duct is a short tube about 1 cm long that passes through the prostate gland to terminate in the urethra?

Ejaculatory duct

The main advantage of sexual reproduction over asexual reproduction is:

there is greater diversity in the offspring.

Which of the following ducts are not paired?


When the tight junctions of the sustentacular cells divide the seminiferous tubules into two compartments:

meiotically active cells are near the lumen.

When a male baby was born, the pediatrician discovered that the baby's left testicle had not descended into the scrotum. If the situation is not corrected soon, might the baby be sterile?

Yes, because the higher temperature inside the body cavity inhibits spermatogenesis, which could result in permanent sterility if untreated.

Which statement is the best explanation of "immune infertility"?

Antigen-antibody reaction in males causes destruction of sperm, resulting in infertility.

Why is it important for adult men to have a regular prostate screening test?

death fro prostate cancer can be reduced if detected early enough for effective treatment.

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