Chapter 1 - Choose the correct broadcast style:
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Along with news value what additional factors do TV news managers consider when planning coverage?whether a story is "do-able" b. the simplicity or complexity of a story c. if the newsroom has the resources that day to do the story d. whether the story can be told with sound and pictures e. is there enough time in the newscast to adequately tell the story f. all of these CorrectWho stacks and writes the newscast in a TV newsroom?ProducerWho is the top manager in a TV newsroom?News DirectorWhat guidelines do broadcast news managers use across the industry to determine a story's newsworthiness?they evaluate the story's news valueThe news value timelinessrefers to the immediacy of a story b. is an important news value c. helps determine whether a story will be covered d. all of these CorrectThe news value prominencerefers to the status of the people or issues in a story b. means stories that typically aren't covered will be if they include celebrities or politicians c. refers to stories about public figures d. all of these CorrectThe news value proximitythe physical and emotional closeness of a storyLecture - When covering news reporters should stick to just the FACTSAccurate, Straightforward, Thorough, Concise, FairThe news value conflictrefers to controversy or confrontation surrounding a story CorrectNews Philosophy refers toa news outlet's, either formal or informal, approach to choosing, gathering and presenting news to its audienceA broadcast lead sentence shouldcontain one thing that is the essence of your storyChoose the sentence below that's written in correct broadcast stylePOLICE ARE LOOKING FOR A GUNMAN WHO HELD UP THE MARKET ON THE CORNER OF EAST MAIN STREET AND BROADWAY IN SANTA MARIAAsking your audience questionswastes their time, may turn viewers and listeners awayIn broadcast style writing numbers should be rounded in some cases and not in others. Choose the correct broadcast style sentence:THE PLANE CRASHED INTO THE OCEAN KILLING ALL 273-PEOPLE ONBOARD.To tell an effective broadcast storyb. you must first know what your story is about c. you must give your audience context & perspective d. you must tell a "human" story e. all of these f. you must determine how best to tell the story IncorrectIn broadcast writing stories are generally toldin logical order, with the best information firstTelling "human stories" meansFinding a real person or avatar to help tell your story throughAccording to the textbook the two most abused and misused words in journalism areallege/allegedlyIf a bank robber is an unknown person whom police are looking for you refer to him/her asbank robberWhen it comes to using the words "allege" an "allegedly" in news copy:without them your story will be factual and true therefore protecting you in the event of a libel case your copy will clearer and more concise without them, your story will be more conversational, memorable and understandable without themIn order to ask questions on behalf of your audience you must consider your audience'sidentity b. lifestyle c. concerns d. interests e. All of theseInterviewing "real" people adds. depth b. emotion c. perspective d. context e. All of theseWho should be in control of an interview?the reporterFor broadcast reporters interviewsserve a dual purpose, provide information and sound bitesTo save time in the editing and writing latera. Take note of compelling quotes or sound bites when they happen b. Begin writing your story in your head while out in the field c. Listen to interview while in transit d. all of theseWhat is the basic purpose of an interview or question?to get informationWhat is the first thing a reporter says to a source at the start of an interview?identify yourself as a student reporter, your class and/or news outlet, and disclose that you will be recording the interview and it will likely be published on some or all Mustang News platformsA news producer works closely with __________ to get the newscast on the air.DirectorWhen a news producer is determining the order to put content in a newscast flow meansbasing story order on themes that go together in a logical procession.Just like a plane can't take off without a pilot, a newscast can't make air without a news producer.TRUEA news producer's daily tasks include:precisely timing the broadcast, choosing the right mix of stories, placing the stories in the right order, working with director and production crew, write and edit copy, order graphics, show leadership, work with assignment desk, scan wires and feedsnews producer should always tie stories together with a segue even if it means using a bad play on words or cliche to create flow within a newscast.a. Is written like a mystery b. leaves something important out the audience wants to know c. entices the audience to stay tuned in d. all of these CorrectProducers should always tease "droppable" stories.falseWriting teases and headlinesis an opportunity to differentiate your station's contentRadio's appeal and popularity is because. it's portable b. it's intimate c. none of these d. it's emotional e. it employs the magic of sound f. all of these CorrectIn radio sound ishe driving force, the essential ingredient, critically importantRadio news writingall of theseGraphics are used in a newscast toa. to help explain complex concepts Incorrect b. present a theme such as breaking news c. all of these d. present weather e. none of these f. brand a stationVOs serve what purpose in a newscast?All of these Correct b. Tell stories that are not complex enough to become a PKG c. None of these d. Help vary the pace of the show e. Allow the producer to deliver useful information in a simple short form Feedback Your answer is correct.The term "spray" a scene in reference to collecting videomeans pointing the camera in a general direction and capturing quick indiscriminate shots, is not best practices in news gathering, generally has a negative connotation in news gathering, is the opposite of capturing specific deliberate shotsAnchor tossThe lead in to a reporter story read by the anchorSoundbites from PIOs or public information officersnone of these b. provide important factual information c. are depended on too heavily by some news outlets d. all of these Correct e. usually lack the emotion of someone directly involved f. don't have to be used in a story just because they were recordedIf you conduct a recorded interview youonly use it if the sound is compellingIn Broadcast TV a "nat pop" or "nat break"helps pace a story, helps transport the viewer to the scene, is a piece of natural sound used at full audio, not placed quietly below a voice trackIn Broadcast TV a Stand-upis part of a Package, shows the reporter on camera for 8 - 12 seconds, is typically not written on paper, but created in a reporter's head, is an opportunity for a reporter to tell part of a story for which there is limited or no video, gives a reporter face timeIn Broadcast TV a Package, or PKGa. often contains a Stand-up where the reporter appears on camera and tells part of the story in 8 - 12 seconds. b. all of these Correct c. is similar to a WRAP in radio. d. is a self contained pre-recorded story that includes the reporter's voice track (narration) and SOTs. e. none of theseWhen using nat sound effectively in a wrapuse nat sound strategically throughout the entire wrap, place nat pops in places that help punctuate and pace your story, you will earn full points on use of nats if you you use nat sound throughout your story and use well placed nat pops, in some instances you need to explain your nat sound and give it contextWhen you provide feedback to our classmatesthis helps the instructor assess your knowledge, this helps your classmates identify how to improveJust like print journalism, in broadcast _________ write that someone, "claimed," "exclaimed," "shared," "mentioned," "explained" when introducing a quote or should neverYour anchor intro/toss/lead should not say John Smith "has more," "has the latest," "has the details," "has the story," becausea. this does not entices your audience to continue listening b. this is lazy writing c. this is generic d. none of these e. all of these CorrectIn broadcast we move from general to more specific information and that means we use exact dates, times, and locations high on our stories.falseIn your wrap your sourcesThe correct answer is: must be credible, must include at least one "expert" voiceIn covering the Columbine shooting some TV news stations made mistakes includinga. one station that urged students to call the TV station instead of 911 b. stations that aired emotional interviews with distraught teenagers at a very vulnerable time c. stations that aired helicopter shots of police positions and student escape routes d. all of these CorrectThe Society of Professional Journalists ethics code includesseek truth and report it, minimize harm, act independently, be accountableEthical decision-making in newshelps minimize harm while maximizing truth-tellingNew media consultant Eric Kuhn sayssocial media won't replace legacy media, rather it supplements and informs itUGC refers toUse Generated Content such as photos and videoEffective social media posts from news organizationsinclude giving an action commandIn online news writing the inverted pyramidis used because of attention failureWhen writing for the web the sub-headline isunderneath the headline and adds a bit of interesting informationWhen writing for the web the lead ishe first sentence of the story bodyA nut graf isa paragraph that sums up the newsworthiness or point of the story