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  1. Cash and Carry
  2. Warren Commission
  3. London Economic conference
  4. Army desegregation
  5. Black Panthers
  1. a An elaborate official investigation conducted by Chief Justice Earl Warren regarding the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. The results were that Lee Harvey Oswald shot Kennedy and himself shot to death on TV by a self-appointed avenger, Jack Ruby.
  2. b 66 nations to address world- wide economic problems . FDR backs out (gold standard). criticized foreign nations' efforts to stabilize currency
  3. c policy adopted by the United States in 1939 to preserve neutrality while aiding the Allies. Britain and France could buy goods from the United States if they paid in full and transported them.
  4. d Ordered by truman, civil rights. Did little in other areas to promote racial equality, except for this. Had not said anything of his racial views in campaign. Felt bad that though Blacks fought in war to save country, they still came back unappreciated. Partially due to NAACP protest for equality, but Truman was still willing.
  5. e Openly brandished weapons in the streets of Oakland, California. The Black Panther party promoted black pride and self-defense.

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  1. Southern Christian Leadership Conference. Formed by/1st president = Martin Luther King Jr. Aimed to mobilize the vast power of the black churches on behalf of black right
  2. Name for National Advisory Commission on Civil Disorders. Investigated causes of race riots. Called for new jobs, housing, and end to segregation.
  3. 1940 America traded old WWI Destroyers to Britain for access to naval basses by our east coast.edn of US neutrality
  4. WWII largest amphibious assault in the Pacific War. high casualties, one of later battles on war
  5. Banned racial discrimination in most private facilities open to public (theaters, hospitals, etc). Strengthened gov't's ability to end segregation. Created Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).

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  1. MidwayWhen FDR, Churchill, and Stalin meet; they agreed to wage war on Japan, to divide Germany into 4 equal parts, on the big 5's veto, and to hold free elections for the liberated countries


  2. Watts/Detroit RiotsViolent Black separatist movements who thought Martin L.K.'s solution of civil disobedience to be too passive and slow. Influenced by Malcolm X, Black Panthers, etc. who felt violence was the only way to regain rights, and moreover, Blacks were better than whites.


  3. NAACPNorth Atlantic Treaty Organization. Created among nations of the North Atlantic (US, Canada, Italy, Portugal, etc). Created to have united defense against anyone who tries to attack anyone within that thing.


  4. Voting Rights Act 1965Eisenhower 20 yr plan to build 41,000 mi of highway, largest public works project in history


  5. Berlin WallWWII largest amphibious assault in the Pacific War. high casualties, one of later battles on war


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