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  1. Montgomery bus boycott
  2. SCLC
  3. Alliance for Progress
  4. D-Day
  5. MacCarran International Security Act 1950
  1. a all communist groups have to register in the US
  2. b Southern Christian Leadership Conference. Formed by/1st president = Martin Luther King Jr. Aimed to mobilize the vast power of the black churches on behalf of black right
  3. c Began with Rosa Parks by not going to the back of the bus. It influenced and catapulted the rise of Martin Luther King Jr. The blacks boycotted the buses in Montgomery, Alabama (who would have thought). It was a big help in raising the awareness of black mistreatment and discrimination.
  4. d allied forces under dwight d. eisenhower landed on the beaches of normandy in history's greatest naval invasion.beginning of end of WWII
  5. e In 1961, Kennedy extended the hand of friendship. Hailed as the Marshall Plan for Latin America, the primary goal was to help fill the gap that was between the rich and poor of our neighbors. (Thus quieting communist agitation). Results: Little alliance, less progress.

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  1. FDR's foreign policy of promoting better relations w/Latin America by using economic influence rater than military force in the region
  2. 66 nations to address world- wide economic problems . FDR backs out (gold standard). criticized foreign nations' efforts to stabilize currency
  3. Used in Churchill's 'Sinews of Peace' Speech. Described 'curtain' falling across eastern Europe, separating them from us
  4. American civil rights lawyer, first black justice on the Supreme Court of the United States. Marshall was a tireless advocate for the rights of minorities and the poor.
  5. 1937 Japanese bomb US gunboat while on Chinese river. Public outrage, japan apologizes +pays.

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  1. Neutrality Acts of 1935,1936,1937Little Rock Central High School was the first desegregated school. The resistance to this integration was so strong, Governor Faubus had to call in the national guard to maintain the peace, but they were ordered to withdraw by the US court. This had been the first time since the Civil War that the national guard had to be called to maintain the order. Mayor, Woodrow Mann, urged aid from Eisenhower who sent the 101 Airborne Division to escort the 9 students to school through the protesting crowds.


  2. MacCarran-Walter Immigration act?


  3. Bay of PigsNorth Atlantic Treaty Organization. Created among nations of the North Atlantic (US, Canada, Italy, Portugal, etc). Created to have united defense against anyone who tries to attack anyone within that thing.


  4. SEATOSoutheast Asia Treaty Organization (created from the Manila Pact). (1954) The formal institution of SEATO was established at a meeting of treaty partners in Bangkok in February 1955. Primarily invented to protect against further communist invasion of Southeast Asia.


  5. Dwight EisenhowerFamous WW2 General. President 1953 - 1960. Known for ending korean war, making interstate high system, "Modern Republican" grandfatherly, 2 terms. 50's prosperity


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