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  1. Kerner Commission
  2. Rosie the Riveter
  3. Smith Alien Registration Act
  4. NAACP
  5. MacCarran-Walter Immigration act
  1. a made it illegal for anyone in the United States to advocate, abet, or teach the desirability of overthrowing the government. also required all alien residents in the United States over 14 years of age to file a statement of their personal and occupational status and a record of their political beliefs.
  2. b ?
  3. c Name for National Advisory Commission on Civil Disorders. Investigated causes of race riots. Called for new jobs, housing, and end to segregation.
  4. d Advertising campaign character who encouraged women to take factory jobs during WWII
  5. e Pushed for years to dismantle the legal underpinnings of segregation and now enjoyed some success. In 1944, the Supreme Court riled the "white primary" unconstitutional.

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  1. A CIA-backed scheme to topple Fidel Castro. On April 17, 1961, some twelve hundred exiles landed at Cuba's Bay of Pigs. Pinned down, the anti-Castroites surrendered. President Kennedy took full responsibility for the failure. This failed attempt pushed Cuba towards the Soviet Union.
  2. (FDR) European democracies might buy American war materials on a "cash-and-carry basis"; improved American moral and economic position
  3. (Student Non-violent Civil Commission) Encouraged by JFK. Now that the Voting Rights Act had been passed, the SNCC educated the Black community of this given right. SNCC also participated in other Civil Rights protests, as well as anti-war.
  4. FDR Speech 1937, Speech that marks turning point in US policy from isolationism to interventionism
  5. Began with Rosa Parks by not going to the back of the bus. It influenced and catapulted the rise of Martin Luther King Jr. The blacks boycotted the buses in Montgomery, Alabama (who would have thought). It was a big help in raising the awareness of black mistreatment and discrimination.

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  1. London Economic conference1938 conference at which Brit, French and German leaders attempted to appease Hitler by turning over the Sudetenland to him in exchange for promise that Germany would not expand Germany's territory any further., 1938 conference at which European leaders attempted to appease Hitler by turning over the Sudetenland to him in exchange for promise that Germany would not expand Germany's territory any further.


  2. Central High school 1957Little Rock Central High School was the first desegregated school. The resistance to this integration was so strong, Governor Faubus had to call in the national guard to maintain the peace, but they were ordered to withdraw by the US court. This had been the first time since the Civil War that the national guard had to be called to maintain the order. Mayor, Woodrow Mann, urged aid from Eisenhower who sent the 101 Airborne Division to escort the 9 students to school through the protesting crowds.


  3. Interstate Highway Act 1955Eisenhower 20 yr plan to build 41,000 mi of highway, largest public works project in history


  4. Marshall PlanCalled for spending $12.5 million over four years in sixteen cooperating countries. The Marshall plan was designed to aid the Europeans in recovery and get the Europeans back on their feet.


  5. Medgar EversWWII Important battle, broke Japanese supremacy in Pacific, Stalled Japanese offensive