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  1. Midway
  2. Berlin Wall
  3. Bataan death March
  4. War Production board
  5. George Wallace
  1. a WWII Important battle, broke Japanese supremacy in Pacific, Stalled Japanese offensive
  2. b Japanese forced about 60,000 of americans and philippines to march 100 miles with little food and water, most died or were killed on the way
  3. c Third-party ticket of the 1968 elections. American Independent party. Headed by Wallace, former governor of Alabama. Preached segregation. Speaking behind a bullet-proof screen, he called for putting the blacks into their place (with bayonets if necessary). Proposed smashing North Vietnam to smithereens by "bombing them back to the Stone Age." (9,906,473 popular votes / 46 electoral votes / Southern votes.)
  4. d During WWII, FDR established it to allocated scarce materials, limited or stopped the production of civilian goods, and distributed contracts among competing manufacturers
  5. e Barrier around E. Germany. Symbol for Cold War and fight against Communism. Stood for 3 decades.

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  1. Southern Christian Leadership Conference. Formed by/1st president = Martin Luther King Jr. Aimed to mobilize the vast power of the black churches on behalf of black right
  2. In 1961, Kennedy extended the hand of friendship. Hailed as the Marshall Plan for Latin America, the primary goal was to help fill the gap that was between the rich and poor of our neighbors. (Thus quieting communist agitation). Results: Little alliance, less progress.
  3. Ordered by truman, civil rights. Did little in other areas to promote racial equality, except for this. Had not said anything of his racial views in campaign. Felt bad that though Blacks fought in war to save country, they still came back unappreciated. Partially due to NAACP protest for equality, but Truman was still willing.
  4. a general for the U.S. military. commanded allied forces in the South Pacific
  5. January 1943 conference between FDR and Churchill that produces Unconditional Surrender doctrine WW11

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  1. Sputnik(Student Non-violent Civil Commission) Encouraged by JFK. Now that the Voting Rights Act had been passed, the SNCC educated the Black community of this given right. SNCC also participated in other Civil Rights protests, as well as anti-war.


  2. OASOffice of Price Administration--set price controls to help check inflation


  3. London Economic conference1st meeting of FDR, Churchill and Stalin DDay invasion & Sending troops to Eastern Front committed to by Churchill & FDR


  4. Arsenal of Democracy SpeechFDR speech, US cant remain neutral, Nazi war aims are world domination, US would become 'great warehouse of the Allies'


  5. Smith Alien Registration Act?