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de ce apare pancreatita acuta si ulcerul peptic in hiperparatiroidism?
creste calcemia
--> creste activarea gastrinei: ulcer
--> creste activarea lipazei: pancreatita
ce arata examenul de laborator in SIADH?
1. Na: hiponatremie
2. K: normal
3. Urina: hiperosmolara (>100)
4. Volum sangvin: hiposomolar, euvolum
diferenta intre SIADH si POLIDIPSIE?
osmolaritate urinara
- SIADH: hiperosmolara urina
- polidipsie: hiposmolara

amandoua au hiponatremie
diferenta intre SIADH si DIABET INSIPID?
diabet insipid: hipernatremie
siadh: hiponatremie
diferenta intre SIADH si DIAREE?
diaree: hiponatremie cu hipokalemie
siadh: doar hiponatremie
A 29-year-old female visits her gynecologist because of an inability to conceive with her husband. Past medical history reveals that she has been amenorrheic for several months, and she complains of frequent white nipple discharge. Urine tests for beta-HCG are negative. A receptor agonist for which of the following neurotransmitters would be most likely to treat her condition:
DOPAMINA: inhiba prolactinemia
5-year-old male presents to the hospital complaining of frequent headaches and a decreased libido. During the physical exam, the patient also states that he has recently been experiencing vision problems. The patient is suffering from what type of adenoma?
hiperprolactinemie: adenom lactotrof hipofizar
A 34-year-old woman presents to her OB/GYN with complaints of missing her last 3 periods as well as intermittent spontaneous milky-white nipple discharge bilaterally for the past 3 months. Vital signs are stable and within normal limits. Neurologic examination is without abnormality, including normal visual fields. Serology and MRI of the brain are ordered, with results pending. Which of the following sets of laboratory results would be expected in this patient?
HIPER Prolactinemie
Cauze Diabet Insipird Nefrogenic
Rezistenta rinichiului la ADH
- amfotericina B
- Litiu
- hipoK
- hiper Ca, hiperglicemie
Diferentiere diabet insipid central de nefrogen?
tesut la desmopresina
- in DI nu se poate concentra urina
- daca DI e nefrogen, si dupa desmopresina, urina tot hipoosmolara va fi
Four months after giving birth, a young woman presents to the hospital complaining of lack of breast milk secretion. The patient complains of constantly feeling tired. Physical exam reveals that she is slightly hypotensive and has lost a significant amount of weight since giving birth. The patient states that she has not experienced menstruation since the birth. Which of the following is likely to have contributed to this patient's presentation?
hemoragie postpoartum -> ischemie glanda hipofizara -> sindrom SHEEHAN (hipo-prolactinemie)
Ce cauzeaza hipomagnesemia (hiperparatiroidism sau hipoparatiroidism)?
Care e legatura in plamani si hipercalcemie?
cancer pulmonar scuamos cu celule mici -> hipersecretie PTH -> hipercalcemie
Simptome renale ale hipercalcemiei
1. poliurie cu polidipsie
2. litiaza
Catecolaminele si motilitatea intestinala....?
Catecolamine: ILEUS
Labs in CONN
1. HiperNa
2. HipoK
3. Alcaloza metabolica
4. Renina: hiperaldosteronism I ii scazuta, II crescuta

A 34-year-old Caucasian female presents with truncal obesity, a rounded "moon face", and a "buffalo hump". Serum analysis shows hyperglycemia. It is determined that a pituitary adenoma is the cause of these symptoms. Adrenal examination is expected to show
The patient described above has a pituitary adenoma which, as a result of excess secretion of ACTH, mediates hyperplasia of the adrenal cortex.
Amenoree, hipotensiune, scadere in greutate
Anorexie nervoasa
Efectul glucagonului si al glucocorticoizilor pe STH?
Glucagonul +++
Glucocorticoizi ---
Carpain Tunnel Syndrome
Precipitated by
work-related overuse of wrist flexors (e.g. typing)
diabetes mellitus
rheumatoid arthritis
1. HipoNa, HiperK
2 Hipoglicemie
3. Cr si BUN crescut
4. Acidoza
5. Eozinofilie
6. Cortizol scazut, Aldosteron Scazut
Diferenta intre sindormul nefrotic primar si secundar
hipoalb, proteinurie, anasarca, hiperlipidemie cu lipidurie

HIPERCOAGULABABLE STATE (se elimina antitrombina 3)
Nefrocalcinoza cu ce acidoza tubulara se asociaza?
Cu ce acidoza tubulara e asociat lupusul, sjogrenul?
Hipomagnezia ce face cu potasiul?
paresteziile si potasium si calciul
parestezii = hiperK / hipoCalcemie
Pancreatita acuta si calciul
Pancreatita acuta --> HIPOcalcemie
Calciul si tensiunea
Hipocalcemie = hipotensiune
abdominal pain
muscle cramps
perioral tingling
mental status changes
psychic overtones
altered mental status
Duodenal and gastric ulcers
Duodenal Ulcers
more common
caused by acid hypersecretion
H. pylori highly associated with duodenal ulcers and gastric ulcers
keep in mind a prominent cause of gastric ulcers is also NSAID use
Gastric ulcers
NOT caused by acid hypersecretion
H. pylori in >70% of gastric ulcers