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Questions are based on CEL 1.


Computers are used to improve ____________________ in public services such as postal mail sorting.


The ____________________ (CFC) machine has a sensor to detect envelopes in order to print postmarks on the stamp such that it cannot be re-used.

optical character recognition

The Culler-Facer-Canceller (CFC) uses ____________________ (OCR) program to read the addresses and postal codes written on the envelopes.


The culler-facer-canceller (CFC) also prints a _______________, called the ID tag, at the back of the envelope for identification.

barcode sorting

The ____________________ (BCS) machine reads the ID tag and retrieves the postal code.


The barcode sorting (BCS) machine will print another code called the _______________ code, that represents the 6-digit postal code.

destination barcode sorting

The ____________________ (DBCS) machine reads the destination code and sort the envelopes into their respective postal codes.


Computers are used in postal mail sorting because it _______________ the time taken to process the mails so that everyone will receive their letters earlier.


One advantage of using computers in postal mail sorting is that it results in less _______________. Eg. Wrong address.


Sorting envelopes manually requires a lot of _______________ and is time consuming.

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