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CEL 1 Computers & Productivity {How Airports Work} (Part 4)

Questions are based on CEL1.
flight information
Computers are used in the airports to update the travel or ____________________ boards.
Computers in the airports are used to scan luggage at the ____________________ checkpoint.
passenger details
Computers are widely used to store ____________________ easily because some of the passengers book their flights online.
A customer ____________________ is a collection of customer information.
Data mining
____________________ helps to reveal certain useful pattern or trend from the given information in order to predict the future.
Passengers can use the computers as a form of ____________________ to surf the internet while waiting at the transit lounge.
A ____________________ passport is a combination of a paper and electronic passport that uses contactless smart card technology to verify the identity of travellers.
One of the disadvantages of using computers in the airport is that the ____________________ cost is very high.
If the computers breakdown, there will be a huge _______________ in all activities.
Since passenger details in the computers are highly ____________________, hence we must take safety measures to prevent any computer theft.