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Betty Friedan

Author of The Feminine Mystique

Benjamin Spock

Pediatrician who wrote a highly influential book on child care

Martin Luther King, Jr

Spokes person for the Montgomery bus boycott

Adlai Stevenson

Deomocratic canddate for President in 1952 & 1956

Richard Nixon

Eisenhower's vice-presidential running mate

Jonas Salk

Doctor who developed a vaccine against polio

William Levitt

Developer who mass-produced new communities in suburbs

Jackie Robinson

First African American to play major league baseball, and proven his ability to overcome racial injustice

Per capita income

Average income per person

Baby boom

High birth rate that followed WW II

GI Bill

Gave WW II veterns benifits like college tuition and low-interest mortgage loans


Bringing together different races

Modern republicanism

President Eisenhower's conservative approach to government


Gives a group or individual the right to market a company's goods or services


Giant corporation who invests in a wide range of businesses that produce different kinds of goods and services.


Tiny circuit that improved the transmission of electronic signals

Winston Churchill

Proclaimed that an iron curtain separated communist Eastern Europe from the Capitalist Western Europe

John Foster Dulles

Made it clear that the US would risk war to protect its national interests, a policy called brinkmanship

Fidel Castro

In 1959 overthrew the Cuban Dictatorship

George MacArthur

Led United Nations forces during the Korean War

Mao Zedong

Led the Communist forces that took control of China in 1949

George C. Marshall

Drafted a plan to help European nations rebuild after WW II

Iron curtain

Imaginary line that divided Europe between capitalist West and Communist East

Berlin airlift

Provided vital supplies to a region blockaded by the Soviet Union


Showed the names of people whom employers agree not to hire


Resist and stop the spread of communism


Investigated the motion picture industry for communist influences

Arms race

Struggle between the US and the Soviet Union to gain weapons superiority

Satellie nation

Controlled politically and economically by the Soviet Union

Marshall Plan

Pledged American financial aid to all European nations following WW II

Cold War

Competition that developed between the US & Soviet Union for power and influences in the world

Domino theory

If one country falls to communism its neighbors will soon follow

Rosa Parks

Helped the Montgomery bus boycott

Brown v. Board of Education

Segregation was no longer permisible in public schools

The Arkansas National Guard was under federal command

To integrate Central High School

What roles were women expected to fullfil in the 1950's

Full-time homemakers

What effect did the transistor have on technology

Reduced the size of electronic appliances


They rebelled against conformity and traditional social patterns. Spontanity over comformity

Taft-Hartley Act

Restrict labor strikes that threatened the national interest

The effect conglomerates and the franchise system have on the American society

Contributed to major business expansion

Factor that made it seem that Harry Truman had little chance of winning reelection

Lost some support in his own party

Satellite nations

Nations dominated by the Soviet Union

Truman Doctrine

Support nations trying to resist Soviet control

The Soviet Union reacted to the Marshall Plan

Soviet blockade of West BerlinIn

Response to the information of NATO

The Soviet Union created the Warsaw Pact

Outcome of the Korean War

Korea remained divided at almost exactly the same place as before the war

Disagreement over which issue worsened relations between the US and Soviet Union

Polands future

Impact that Joseph McCarty had on American society

He encouraged a widespread fear of communism

Reson the US became involved in the affairs in the MIddle East aftr WW II

Prevent oil rich nations Arab nations from Soviet influence

Major goal of US policy in Latin America

Protect American financial investments

The US succeeded to keep South Korea free of communism in the

The Korean War

President Truman's Federal Employee Loyalty Program and Senator Joseph McCarty's hearings

Exposed Communists in the US

NATO was based on the principle of

Collective security

Yalta conference

Divided the defeated Germany into four sectors. American, British, French, and Soviet

Truman Doctrine's immmediate result

Congress approved $400 million to help Turkey & Greece resist Soviet influence


Caused Congress to increase spending on teaching science and math

Took action to end segregation

Rosa Parks, Thurgood Marshall, Rosa Parks, and Martin Luther KIng, Jr.

Benjamin Spock believed

That women should stay home with their children

President Truman's greatest challenge in reconverting to peacetime economy was

Keeping inflation in check

Business expansion after WW II

Shift from blue-collar to white-collar jobs

Long lasting effect of the major highway projects

Less reliance on the public transportation system

Gross National Product in the US

More than doubled in the postwar years

The trial and execution of Ethel & Julius Rosenberg

Intensified the fear of communism as an internal threat to the US

Josip Broz (Tito)

Defied Stalin and ruled Yugoslavia free of Soviet interference

President Eisenhower's domestic policy reflected Coolidge and Hoover

He favored big business

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