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Which of the 4 classifications of industry must locate where the resources are found?


Mass production of standardized goods using assembly line techniques is referred to as _______


Technopoles tend to locate near ________________________________

centers of research and development

The type of manufacturing that is more likely to be located in peripheral countries is ______________

labor intensive

The increase in time and cost with distance is referred to as ______________________

friction of distance

Hotelling's location analysis emphasized the role of ________________________

locational interdependence

People working in the __________ sector of economic activity tend to have high levels of specialized knowledge or technical skills


Service industries are commonly reffered to as ________ industries


If a substantial number of enterprises all develop in or move to the same area, the factor is called _____________


New York City, like other large urban centers with great ports, is called a break-of-bulk location because _________________________

transported cargo from 1 carrier to another

The 1st steps in the ________________ did not use a revolutionary source ***

Industrial Revolution ***

Mixing iron ore with lime stone and water smelting it with coke enabled iron workers to pour melted iron ore into molds making ________

cast iron

The same set of locational criteria for industrial zones applied; proximity to _________ and connection to _____

coal fields, water

This predicts where businesses will or should be located?

location theory

The 4 primary industrial regions are Westernand Central Europe, Eastern North America, Eastern Asia, and ______________

Russia and Ukraine

This country still ranks among the worlds leading producer of both coal and steel and remains Europe's leading industrial power?


Named after a small tributary of the Rine River, the ___________ reveals the combined advantages of high quality resources, good accessibility, and proximity to large markets

Ruhr Valley

This country still vies with China as the world's largest producer of coal?

United States

This city in Russia is one of the worlds oldest manufacturing centers?

St. Petersburg

This is the 2nd bigggest metropolis on Earth behind only Mexico City?


The television production industry has 3 key elements:
1) Research and Design
2) Manufacture of components
3) ________


This organization promotes freer trade of negotiating agreements among member states?

World Trade Organization

Over the past 20 years, many manufacturing regions have experienced ________________, a process by which companies move industrial jobs to other regions with cheaper labor.


This industry of activities facilitates compex decision-aking and the advancement of human capacity?


Petroleum is no the only energy source for which the United States leads world demand and consumption, ______________ often occurs in association with oil deposits

natural gas

Nike, headquartered in Oregon, employs 20,000 people in that state. What percentage are employed in the shoe manufacturing/assembly process?


. In the early eighteenth century, British textiles were manufactured

in homes on hand looms

Who actually laid the groundwork for the colonial expansion of Europe?

Europe's commercial companies

The first power source of the Industrial Revolution was

foot pedals and running water

England not only held a monopoly over products that were in world demand at the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, but also a monopoly on

The skills necessary to make the machines that manufactured the products

In Britain, the proximity of what three things gave an unsurpassed advantage to the development of early industry?

coal fields, iron ores, and coastal ports

Industry diffusing to Western Europe involved, as in Britain, the locational criteria: coalfields, water communication, and ____________.


The Ruhr industrial area is connected to its port by

Rhine river

The relocation of industry to cities like Paris and London was facilitated by

development of railroads

When Alfred Weber published his book Theory of the Location of Industries (1909), what did he select as the critical determinant of regional industrial location?

transportation costs

. Europe's greatest industrial complex is


Manufacturing in North America began in _____ as early as late colonial times.

New England

Raw materials play an important role in industrial location. In the northeastern United States, what is the orientation of this industry?


New York City, like other large urban centers with great ports, is called a break of bulk location because


Although no match for Canada's Ontario industrial district, the one great advantage of the Montreal area is


Canada's industrial southern Ontario links two parts of the U.S. Manufacturing Belt: Buffalo and


After World War I, this region produced about 90 percent of the coal needed to help the then Soviet Union industrialize.


Russia's "Detroit" southeast of Moscow is

Nizhni Novgorod.

In which major world manufacturing country does industry not lie near sources of raw material?


. Fast, flexible production of small lots with outsourcing around the world is referred to as


. By 1990, the only American company that was making color television sets was


Television research and design takes place in the


During the 1970s, U.S. television manufacturers began to move productions "offshore" to places such as special zones on the Mexican border called


. Current amounts of goods and resources moving in the global system would be impossible without the invention of


Over 50% of the goods entering Europe come through two ports in


. Which country is almost completely dependent upon imported oil/natural gas?


Between 1940 and the early 1960s, China's industrial growth was aided by


The most important locational factor for the service sector is


Technopoles, a collection of high-technology industries, can be found in a number of countries. Which of the following is not a region containing one of these countries?


High-technology corridors have sprung up in the global economic core. The resulting collection of high-tech industries has been called a technopole with the best known being California's "Silicon Valley." A similar concentration has appeared around the city of ______________ in the eastern United States.


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