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  1. Anti-Parkinson's
  2. The brain and spinal cord
  3. Rest and Digest
  4. Skeletal Muscle Relaxant
  5. during times of stress
  1. a LIORESAL- baclofen
  2. b The Parasympathetic system is known as what?
  3. c COGENTIN- benztropine
  4. d When is the Sympathetic System activated?
  5. e The Central Nervous System (CNS) consits of what two parts?

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  1. Many drugs either _____ or _____ the action of the neurotransmitters.
  2. baclofen (Skeletal Muscle Relaxant)
  3. What part of the ANS does Acetylcholine work?
  4. DILANTIN- phenytoin
  5. SINEMET- levodopa/carbadopa

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  1. blockWhat does "lytic" mean?


  2. EPIVALdivalproex (Anticonvulsant)


  3. Anticholinergics and ParasympatholyticTwo drugs that BLOCK the activity of the PNS


  4. Fight or FlightThe Sympathetic system is known as what?


  5. SINEMETlevodopa/carbadopa (Anti-Parkinson's)