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most important role of plants

to produce oxygen

three main plant characteristics

have roots contain chlorophyll(and make their own food) live in all environments

function of nucleus

to hold genetic info and dna

function of chloroplast

produce chlorophyll

function of cell wall

protect cell

function of central vacuole

hold pigments, regulate water content of the cell

function of cuticle

conserve water

what is the binomial nomenclature

classification system of organisms

what do nonvascular plants have instead of roots


why are nonvascular plants so little

they have no roots to absorb nutrients from the ground

three ex. of nonvascular plants

moss, liverworts, hornworts

what is a pioneer species

The first species to populate an area

what do seedless vascular plants grow from


what do vascular structures do in plants

carry nutrients, water,food, and minerals to go throughout the plant

what advantage to vascular plants have

being bigger, taller, and stronger

three ex. of seedless vascular plants

ferns, club mosses, horsetails

where do ferns produce their spores


where do club mosses and horsetails grow their spores

cone like structures at the end of their stems

five important things about seedless plants

some can be eaten, medicinal uses, make up peat, houseplants, energy

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