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It was 3 o'clock when Steve got up. He didn't Steve saw Ramón sleeping but not Alfonso or Beto.
Steve entered the kitchen and said hi to Sue while she was eating breakfast while reading a paper.
Alfonso and Beto had left a message.
They said that they have to go to the "el centro" (downtown) to find out something about Carlos.
Both of them are confused.
Sue says that there is a telephone if they want to call the hospital.
Ramón yawns while he enters the kitchen.
Sue and Steve show him the message.
When Ramón had finished reading he says that he suspects that Carlos is mixed up in something strange.
It seems that Carlos, Alfonso and Beto always says one thing, but does another.
Steve says that Alfonso said he wouldn't go Pamplona but he went anyways.
Sue wonders why Steve can drive a car so elegant but have so much money.
Steve thinks that they're all just imagining things and that they should all just calm down.
Sue agrees with Steve and encourages everyone to hurry so they can do things before going to the fight.
In the plaza Sue stopped in various stores.
Since no one else wanted to shop Ramón and Steve went to the plaza to wait for her.
Ramón and Steve saw Alfonso and Beto in the plaza.
They were speaking seriously with a grey haired man.
It seemed like they were discussing something in a newspaper.
Ramón bought a newspaper from a nearby kiosk and was worried when he returned to Steve.
It said that Carlos had died.
Ramón was sure that Alfonso and Beto knew what happened, so he went to speak with them.
When they approached the friends the grey haired man disappeared in the crowd.
Steve asked them how Carlos died.
Alfonso and Beto explained that he had died while in surgery.
Alfonso says it wasn't an accident.
Steve is confused and asks how.
Alfonso repeats that it wasn't an accident.
Ramón asks if the grey haired man had said anything to them.
Now even more worried Alfonso says no, and that they hadn't spoken to anyone.
Ramón insists that he had seen them speaking to the man.
Beto shrugs it off and says they're thinking of someone else.
Ram´øn and Steve knew they were lying.
Sue arrived with her things.
When she heard of the death she asked what are we going to do.
Beto and Alfonso's says that they won't do anything but send the body to Barcelona.
And that they should all remain in Pamplona and forget everything that had happened and have fun.
Even though they thought that Alfonso and Beto's reactions were strange, they didn't do anything.
The rest of the night they had fun.
By the morning they went back to el encierro.
Later they ate breakfast and Steve surprised everyone when he announced that he would run in el encierro the next day.
Everyone tried to convince him not to do it, but Steve was set on it.
At 9:30 the procession begins.
They all turned the corner and were surprised to see giant figures.
Each one represented a king or queen.
Each one was 5 meters in height and weighed 55 kilos.
A man carried each giant.
Each figure was 100 years old.
Each year people make repairs to them.
The precision began and they all looked at the figures.
Between each 2 or 3 figures was a group of Tzisturalis.
Typical musicians at the festival of Pamplona.
Each group played at the the same song but not together.
They played in a round.
Each one or 2 city blocks the figures stopped and began to dance.
Suddenly SUe shouted that something hit her.
Something had hit her in the head.
Beto laughed.
A strangely dressed man with a large head struck her a ball made of leather attached to a stick.
These people with the sticks struck especially kids.
The friends hadn't had noticed that Alfonso had left previously, but they noticed that he had just returned.
Ramón asked where he went.
Alfonsos said that he saw a friend and went to talk with him.
Alfonsos asked if they all wanted to leave and start the festival again tomorrow because they had all seen the festival already.
Because Alfonso had the car they had no choice but to leave.
Later when Sue, Steve and Ramón were alone Sue said that she didn't understand why they had to go back to the festival the next day.
Steve believed that ALfonso's and Beto are sad and worried.
Ramon rmeebermes back to when the ig head had struck Sue.
Ramon remembers he had seen Alfonso speaking to the grey haired man again.
And then returned to the group a little while later.
Ramon doesn't know who the man is but he believes that has something to do with Carlos, Alfonso and Beto.
Steve agreed with Alfonso and said that they had to pay attention to their suspicious friends more.
They had spent the whole night dancing in the streets of Pamplona
Spent a lot of time trying to convince steve not to run with the bulls
Steve didn't listen
At 6 in the morning they found the main street where the bulls run, Estafeta.
There, they waited for the shots and the bulls.
Sue was thinking of Steve and how she couldn't sing with the others in the Plaza
She sat down because she was tired and clutched ramons hand
Ramon was worried about sue and steve
Ramon thought that sue liked him a little
Since the things with the friends, Sue had been ignoring everyone else and spending her time with Ramon
They let the bulls go and Sue was nervous for her brother.
They watched the young people run in the plaza
They didn't see steve, though
Even more afraid, they saw all of the people that had entered but not steve
After a long time, they saw the bulls enter and steve running before the last bull.
They saw the bulls leave the game and then saw steve playing with each cow that was in the plaza
Later they found steve in the street and told him how wonderful it was.
Ramon tells him that he was scared.
Steve was proud that everyone was worried.
Asked if they didn't think he could run
Said it was nothing he said while stroking his mustache
Sue was excited and didn't know why she was scared for him.
Sue was irritated with Steves pride and told ramon that they should leave now to find Beto and Alfonso. Sue said that if he wasn't embarrassed he could come with her.
They met up with Alfonso and Beto on the floor of the Alegre apartment
An hour passed and they said goodbye to the family and got in Alfonso's car.
They left Pamplona
They arrived at the outskirts of Pamplona. And steve asked how long it took to get to Barcelona.
Beto said it would take three days to get there.
Alfonso explained that they weren't going directly to Barcelona and that they had a surprise for them
Sue steve and ramon were suspicious.
They were going to travel through the Pyrenees Mountains
They were going to see The Towns and Regions of Aragon, and Pais Vasco, visit a national park, and the Principality of Andorra
The friends were excited to see all of those places but they were suspicious as well
They wanted to know why Alfonso and Beto changed their plans of returning directly to Barcelona.
Alfonso is saying that they are taking this little excursion because they need to buy something in andorra and it's easier to go now.
Sue asked what they are going to buy
They saw a fronton (a wall)
They are in Navara, near the country Vasco
Here they invented the game of jai alái
It's not played in every state.
All of the players have strange Basques numbers
Echegaray or Azpeitia
You see a fronton in a lot of places here. (or a wall)
There the people practice
Some want to be professionals
Spent more hours traveling by the beautiful countryside
Saw the mountains, wheat fields, flowers, streams, and ponds.
Houses were made of stone and wood and painted vibrant colors
It's cold and snows a lot in the Pyrenees Mountains (countryside)
Inaccessible sometimes.
They decided to make a picnic
At a sweet stream with cold drinking water.
They ate bread cheese and sausage that they bought in Pamplona
Sue and ramon sat on a rock to talk while Alfonso, Beto, and Steve took a nap in the shade of the tree.
Spain is one of the most mountainous countries in Europe.
The friends got up from the nap and shouted, and they got in the car again.
At Five at night, beto said that they were arriving in Bielsa, and that they were going to stop there.
They parked the car in the small plaza.
They looked at the things in the plaza while Beto and Ramon checked into the hotel
Sue was tired she had shopped and still, ALfonso and Beto had not returned. No one knew where they were
Had been gone for an hour.
Ramon assumed that they were having another talk with the grey haired man.
Alfonso and Beto returned saything that there wasn't room in the hotel.
They found private homes
They found three different places.
Sue made a comment saying that they couldn't have rented private homes or drinking fresh water from the stream in the city, but they can in the countryside.
They made a picnic in the valley of the pyrenees
They were told not to fall asleep.
They don't know why they are here.
Sue got up and heard a strange noise from her window.
It was 5 in the morning.
She saw Alfonso in the street.
Sue asked why he was there so early.
Alfonsos explained that they had a lot to do that day, and asked if she could be ready in 20 min.
Sue wondered why they had to get up so early.
They met in the plaza and Sue saw her brother and Ramón but didn't see the others.
They all didn't know why they were there
The remembered that Alfonso had never told them what he was going to buy in Andorra.
They all came to the conclusion that it was a strange trip and that they didn't know why they were there.
Sue said that she had a plan to figure out why.
In the car Sue sat next to Alfonso in the front.
Very excited Sue asked a lot about the trip.
After a while Alfonso said that after they turn the next curb they would see el valle de Pinta.
They passed the curve and they all saw the beautiful countryside.
In front of them they saw a pond of blue water.
In the background they saw 3 tall, snowcapped peaks with various waterfalls.
They had never visited a countryside so beautiful.
Sue walked towards the field of flowers with Alfonso.
There are a lot of strawberries in the field.
Beto said that if you look carefully you can see small, delicious strawberries.
They spent a while gathering the strawberries.
They ate a lot.
They went to the stream to get some water.
There they saw Sue and Alfonso looking affectionately at each other.
Ramón was jealous.
Beto said they had to leave if they wanted to arrive at Andorra on time.
Many hours passed in the car and they stopped very few times because Alfonso and Beto were in a hurry.
At 3 in the afternoon they arrived at the border of Andorra.
They had time to go to the port.
Also Nos explained that Andorra was as small country that was situated in the Pyrenees between France and Spain.
The people cultivate a lot of tobacco here.
The highest economic contributor is tourism though.
During the year people come to see the beautiful mountains and hot springs, stores and ski.
A lot of french and spanish people come here to shop for electronics.
It's a lot cheaper here than in Spain or France.
Everyone told Sue to stay in the car.
Meanwhile they had arrived at the port on top of the mountains.
They could see France.
Alfonso parked next to the highway.
There was a huge line of cars in the highway below.
You could see at least 5 kilometers of highway filled with cars.
It's always like this.
Now they are going to Andorra la vella (the capital).
After they entered the capital they were surprised they couldn't see the mountains because of the numerous stores.
Sue asked what they spoke in Andorra.
Alfonso said the language was catalan, but everyone speaks catalan, french, spanish, and german.
Alfonso suggested that they all meet back in an hour.
Alfonsos and Beto left the others behind.
Ramón asked where they were going.
Sue said that this morning when she was walking with Alfonso in la valle de pineta she was hoping that Alfonso would say something about the mystery.
Alfonso said nothing.
After an hour they returned to the car and saw Alfonso and Beto with an enormous packet that they put in the trunk.
Sue asked what they had bought.
Alfonso said that it was well wrapped, and that he couldn't open it.
Alfonso changed the subject, got in the car and traveled to the border in silence.
At customs they were stopped.
Sue noticed that the customs agent knew Alfonso and Beto.
Steve said that it seems like the agent is bribing Alfonso with money.
Alfonso and beto got back in the car and headed to Barcelona in silence.
After the trip to Pamplona and Andorra, the friends noticed what Alfonso and beto had been doing.
They were disappointed because they hadn't learned more about carlos's death
They learned that there was a mysterious package that alfonso and beto got in andorra
Sue, Steve, and Ramon were worried that they were over exaggerating
But they have been suspicious
They have to follow with the investigation.
Alfonso was talking to Steve on the phone
It was another mysterious trip
He can't meet with them today because he had to get out of barcelona for a few days. He wouldn't tell why though.
Ramon then had to leave because he had to go to class.
They had to stop the investigation for a few days.
Riofrio called sue.
Riofrio invited sue and steve to Tarragona
They were going to visit the various art dealers
Then they were going to the beach in Salou.
Hours later, the three arrived in Tarragona
South of Barcelona
On the coast of the mediterranean
They went to see the ruins first
Many cultures lived in spain like the:
The celts
The greek
The arabs
And the romans
They saw enormous stone walls that were built to part the life of the city. (walls had different sizes)
Most thick was iberians
More advanced used smaller and smoother stone
They noticed the different layers of the cultures walls
They saw the old cathedral in the old city.
They went to see art dealers before they went to the beach.
Riofrio wanted them to wait outside but they entered as well.
They pretended to be interested in the paintings, but they were looking at riofrio, they saw him talk a picture out of his pocket and show it to a clerk. It was a picture of an old man.
Steve had seen this man before, but couldn't figure out where he had seen him.
Sue had noticed the drawing and had also seen the man as well, but she couldn't figure out where she's seen him as well
They told riofrio that they recognized the man in the drawing.
Riofrio asked for their help.
They traveled to the beach.
Rohelo began his story
The past winter toni and marta has spent their honeymoon in spain. As a present for their wedding, Marta bought tony a painting. It was a lot of money because it was a post work of picasso. Tony liked it a lot. She brought it to the house in Mexico and they put it in a place in their house. One day, tony looked at the painting and noticed that this painting was a fraud. He got very mad, so he sent Riofrio here to find the vender, so inform the police, and to recover the money marta had lost.
She told him the description of the man and where the shop was so that he could help her out.
He thought this was going to be very easy
But it turned out that he couldn't just go to the police.
The first day he was there, a fire had destroyed the shop that he was going to go.
No one recognized the drawing of the man.
Since then, he has visited almost all of the art dealers of Barcelona and Costa Dorada.
Toni and Marta come here in a week and they will be very disappointed.
Steve had an idea...
Two of ramons friends are art students in the university. (Alfonso and Beto)
They may know some art dealers.
They are now in Salou.
They are going to forget about the problems and have fun in the beach
They found a spot at the beach
There was a lot of people there.
They understood why it was so popular
The water was warm and clear and there was an amazing view.
Sue thought it was strange to ask Alfonso and Beto for help if they are already in another mystery, but they could help a lot.
It had been a half hour and they were already involved with two different mysteries.
Alfonso called Steve.
They are going to a festival with mercedes and Alfonso at 6.
En El Pueblo Español
There's a national Holiday today on the 18th of July commemorating the first shot of the Civil War.
They arrived at Montjuich
They went on the rollercoasters at the attraction parks and other rides
It seems that the attraction parks are all the same everywhere.
They went to the cable car
After a while, they climbed in one of the red cabins.
They stopped to one side the port and the ocean
In the other direction, they saw all of the city until Tabaco
A mountain on the west edge of barcelona
They walked until they arrived at del Pueblo espanol.
They began the construction of el pueblo espanol for la ferial mundial (world's fair) of 1929
In the town, the buildings represent all of the styles of architecture in spain.
In the center, there is a big plaza (Plaza Mayor)
It's like a big trip for everyone in Spain.
There are artists of all parts of the world who work there.
Artists make objects out of wood, leather, and blown glass, and also inlaid gold.
In addition to that, you can buy these objects.
They entered the town and began their trip. They weren't surprised when sue went crazy in all of the shops.
They needed help from steve and alfonso to carry all of the things that she bought.
Finally, tired of watching and shopping, they went to the Plaza Mayor to celebrate the national holiday.
They had put chair everywhere with a small orchestra.
They explained rogelio's problems
Steve is speaking with alfonso saying they we all know you have some ideas and you know some art dealers that know the man in the drawing.
Alfonso was nervous.
Alfonso was very busy in school now. And he said that he didn't know anyone
Alfonso and Sue danced and talked about other things
They got to the hotel much later and they did not speak of the other weird things.
They went to sleep immediately
Sue woke up at four in the morning and she heard a loud shout from the next door neighbor.
Steve shouted at sue and got excited when he explained that he remembered where he saw the grey haired man
He explained that he saw him in pamplona the day that carlos had died. They had seen him in the Plaza speaking with Alfonso and Beto.
He realized that alfonso and beto know the man that riofrio is looking for which is why alfonso was so nervous when they were asking for help
They realized that their two mysteries was just one.
They thought about things:
They were paid (alfonso and beto ) to smuggle the false paintings from andorra to spain.
All of the evidence:
The banquet
The suspicious bribery
And Alfonso's professor
The first time he has left with alfonso was when she went to hand in a project at the grey haired man's face
The project could have been a smuggled painting
They didn't think that alfonso and beto were stuck in such a large mess.
Sue and Steve explained to Rogelio and Ramón their discoveries.
Ramón said that it seems that they are describing professor Peralta.
A very popular professor, and the teacher of Alfonso.
Rogelio asked Sue if she could find the professor's house again.
Ramón will pretend he is a student and ask him some questions.
They arrived at the house that was near the university.
Ramón told them to wait.
The maid said that the professor wasn't there.
He left suddenly without saying where he was going or when he would be back.
They all were discouraged so they went Tossa de Mar to make some plans.
Sue asks when Tony and Marta will arrive.
They arrive at Tossa de Mar at 4.
If they leave now the can interrogate some dealers on the way.
The got in the car and looked at the countryside, and the ocean to the right.
Once in awhile they saw hidden beaches between cliffs.
During the trip they stopped a lot and talked to art dealers.
They didn't find out anything.
They arrived at Tossa de Mar at 3:30.
They have to tell Tony that they know nothing.
Rogelio will have to return to Barcelona and continue the search.
Steve says they only have to find the professor.
On train 2 Toni and Marta arrived.
At the same time they saw the grey haired man getting off of the train.
He was carrying an enormous wrapped paper.
It's professor Peralta!
Without saying hi to Tony or Marta Rogelio chased the man.
Toni and Marta asked what was happening.
They all went to the condo to explain everything.
They told the story of how the went to Pamplona, and Barcelona.
Tony described the trip from Paris to Tossa.
They talked for a while, but Rogelio hadn't returned.
At 11 they ate even though they weren't hungry.
Rogelio arrived.
He explained that when he chased the professor he led him to an srt store in the outskirt of Tossa.
He gave them false paintings.
The professor got a lot of money from the dealer.
He then led him to a hotel where ROgelio called the police, and the professor was arrested.
Now they are looking for Alfonso and Beto.
Alfonsos and Beto are guilty, but not as guilty as the master mind.
They couldn't refuse the great amount of money the professor offered to help him.
Carlos was assassinated because he had tried to get more money from the professor, and threatened the professor.
Carlos said he would inform the police of the activities if he didn't get more money.
The professor sent him to Pamplona to get some paintings from the border of France.
When Carlos ran with the bull the professor shot him, and with all the noise of el encierro no one heard the shot.
They believed that Carlos had just fell.
Fortunately now the smugglers are in custody.
And now they can all have fun with the rest of their time in Spain.
Everyone will rest until they find another adventure.