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bay (n)
a part of the coast where the land goes in to form a curve
beach (n)
an area of sand or small stones beside the sea
canal (n)
an artificial river for boats or ships to travel along
cliff (n)
a high, very steep area of rock, especially one next to the sea
coast (n)
the area of land that is next to or close to the sea
desert (n)
a large area of land, usually covered with sand, that is hot and has very little water and very few plants
earth (n)
the substance that plants grow in; soil
farm (n)
an area of land with fields and buildings that is used for growing crops and keeping animals
field (n)
an area of land on a farm, usually surrounded by fences or walls, used for growing crops or keeping animals in
forest (n)
a large area of land covered with trees
harbour (n)
a place on the coast where ships can be tied up and protected from the sea and bad weather
hill (n)
a high area of land that is not as high as a mountain
island (n)
a piece of land that is surrounded by water
lake (n)
a large area of water that is surrounded by land
land (n)
the solid part of the surface of the earth
mountain (n)
a very high hill
ocean (n)
the mass of salt water that covers most of the surface of the earth
rainforest (n)
a thick forest in tropical parts of the world
region (n)
a part of the country or the world; a large area of land
river (n)
a large, natural flow of water that goes across land and into the sea
rock (n)
the hard, solid material that forms part of the surface of the earth
sand (n)
very small grains of rock, found in deserts and on beaches
scenery (n)
the natural beauty that you see around you in the country
sea (n)
the salt water that covers large parts of the surface of the earth
seaside (n)
an area on the coast, especially one where people go on holiday
stream (n)
a small river
valley (n)
the low land between two mountains or hills, which often has a river flowing through it
village (n)
a group of houses with other buildings in a country area. It is smaller than a town.
waterfall (n)
a river that falls from a high place, for example over a rock, etc.
wood (n)
an area of land that is covered with trees. It is smaller than a forest.
a place where people on holiday/vacation can put up their tents, park their caravan / camper, etc., often with toilets, water, etc.
a way or track that is built or is made by the action of people walking, e.g. a concrete path, the garden path
a town or city with a harbour, especially one where ships load and unload goods. (Rotterdam is a major port.)