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Aplia Questions ch 7-13

all the ways in which people differ
inclusive dimensions of diversity include:
work style
which of the following is a rigid, exaggerated, irrational belief associated with a particular group of people?
a stereotype
which of the following is a psychological experience of a person who, usually engaged in a task, is aware of a sterotype about his or her identity group suggesting he or she will not pergorm well on that task?
stereotype threat
Phiex Plastic has a very strong set of corporate values. In fact, phlex has been known to discourage the emergence of alternative values. Phlex is most likely:
which of the following means that an organization accommodates several subcultures?
trouser's, inc. top management is exclusively made up of older white males. Trouser's promotes from within, and top management is most comfortable with individuals who are similar to them. Women and minorities at this company who wish to be promoted are likely to experience:
the glass ceiling effect
which of the following suggests that women deal with glass ceilings and walls by leaving the company?
the opt-out trend
_______ involves exposing traditional managers to nontraditional peers to help break down stereotypical beliefs.
higher ranking, senior organizational member who is committed to providing upward mobility and support to a protege's professional career
Organizations that offer childcare, flexible work schedules, and home-based employment are using ____________ to improve diversity
Matthew is Mandy's supervisor. He promises to fire her if she does not engage in sexual activity with him. This type of sexual harassment would be categorized as:
Quid pro quo
today, more than ever, strategic decisions are related to human resource considerations. which of the following refers to the economic value of the knowledge, experience, skills, and capabilities of employees?
human capital
the ______________ requires that employers provide "reasonable accommodations" if they are necessary to allow performance of duties.
Americans with Disabilities Act
Which of the following restricts mandatory retirement?
The Age Discrimination in Employment Act
Which health/safety law reguires continued health insurance coverage (paid by employee) following termination?
The Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act
Under the new social contract, the employer provides:
Incentive compensation
What is the first step in attracting an effective work force?
Human resource planning
Bryan, who works in human resource department, is interested in gathering date on the projected number of resignations and retirements over the next 10 years. He is most likely performing which of the following activities?
Human resource planning
A _________ is a systematic process of gathering and interpreting information about a job's essential duties.
job analysis
Which of the following is a device for collecting information about an applicant's education, previous job experience, and other background characteristics?
an application form
on employee applications and during interviews, it is appropriate to ask all of the following except:
race or color of skin
pizza deluxe learning center is an in-house education facility that offers broad-based learning opportunities for employees. Pizza Deluxe Learning Center would be considered to be:
A corporate university
The process of observing and evaluating an employee's work, recording the assessment, and providing feedback to the employees is referred to as:
Performance appraisal
which of the following is a processs that uses multiple raters, including self-rating, to appraise employee performance and guide development?
a 360-degree feedback
Which of the following is developed from critical incidents relating to job performance?
behaviorally anchored rating scale (BARS)
With __________ , compensation is linked to the species tasks an employee performs
job-based pay
which of the following allows employees to select the benefits of greatest value to them?
cafeteria-based benefits packages