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  1. Trapezius
  2. Transversus abdominis
  3. Obicularis oculi
  4. Triceps brachii
  5. Pectoralis Major
  1. a Origin: Occipital bone and spinous processes of the C7-T12
    Insertion: Acromion and spine of scapula, clavicle
  2. b Origin: Frontal and maxilla bones
    Insertion: Eyelid
  3. c Origin: inferior edge of glenoid cavity, posterior shaft of humerus
    Insertion: olecranon process of ulna
  4. d origin: Lumbodorsal fascia, iliac crest, cartilage of ribs 6-12
    Insertion: linea alba and pubis
  5. e Origin: Claviclem sternum and cartilage of ribs 2-6
    Insertion: Greater tubercle and inter-tubercular groove of humerus

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  1. origin: Ribs 3-5
    insertion: Coracoid process of scapula
  2. Origin: Epicranial aponeurosis
    Insertion: skin of eyebrows and nose
  3. origin: medial epicondyle of humerus olecranon process of ulna
    insertion: carpals and 5th metacarpal
  4. origin: inferior border of rib cage
    Insertion: Central tendon
  5. origin: lateral/distal end of humerus
    Insertion: styloid process of radius

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  1. TemporalisOrigin: Temporal lines of parietal and frontal bones
    Insertion: Coronoid process of mandible


  2. Sternohyoidorigin: Spinous prcesses of C7-T5 vertebrae
    Insertion: medial edge of scapula


  3. Serratus AnteriorOrigin: ribs 1-8
    Insertion: Anterior surface of medial edge of scapula


  4. Sternocleidomastoidorigin: Clavicle and manubrium
    Insertion: hyoid bone


  5. Rectus abdominisorigin: pubis
    Insertion: xiphoid process, costal cartilage of ribs 5-7