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Fundamentals, meter, and scales/keys/modes

simple duple

2/2, 2/4, 2/8 etc are examples of ____ time.

simple triple

3/16, 3/8, etc are examples of ___ time.

simple quadruple

4/16, 4/8 are examples are ____ time.

compound duple

6/8, 6/4, 6/2 are examples of ___ time.

compound triple

9/16, 9/8, 9/4 are examples of ___ time.

compound quadruple

12/8,12/2 are examples of ___ time.


7/8 is an example of a/an ____ meter.


The major scale's pattern of W/H steps


The natural minor's pattern of W/H steps


The tonality of G major


The modality of G major

scalar variance

the use of natural, harmonic, and melodic minor within one composition


Harmonic minor raises the _th scale degree of the natural minor.

6, 7

Melodic minor raises the _th and _th scale degree of the natural minor.


name of 7th scale degree in natural minor

raised submediant

name of 6th scale degree in melodic minor, a whole step and a half below the tonic


Order of stable ->active tones ([commas in between each])

Half step relationships to the most stable tones 1 and 3

Why are 4 and 7 the most active tones?


scale that requires the use of accidentals outside of the key signature

diminished (octatonic)

scale with alternating whole- and half-step intervals, featuring four pairs of tritones

anhemitonic pentatonic scale

5-tone scale with no half steps (and thus no active tones)


most common "mode"/notes in an anhemitonic pentatonic scale (can be rotated)


diminished fifth or augmented fourth


blues scale in relation to the major scale

ionian, dorian, phrygian, lydian, mixolydian, aeolian, locrian (I Don't Particularly Like My Aunt LOuise).

order of church modes


church mode equivalent of major scale


church mode equivalent of natural minor scale

dorian (adds one sharp), phrygian (adds one flat), aeolian

minor church modes

lydian (adds one sharp), mixolydian (adds one flat), ionian

major church modes - tonic triads are all major


common time


cut time


alla breve (numerical time sig?)

pad MIL

major/minor mode mnemonic

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