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Digitally Signed

By default, Windows 7 standard users are permitted to install Plug and Play devices only if their drivers are?


Runs the operation at normal priority, instead of the default low priority.


The debilitating condition in which files are stored as clusters scattered all over a disk is called?


The file system included in Windows 7 that is specifically designed for use on flash drives is called?


The digital signature of a driver consists of a ___ that is appended to the driver itself before publication.


To create a fourth primary partition on a basic disk, you must use the ___ utility.

Administrators or Backup Operators

To extend or shrink a partition on a basic disk, you must be a member of the ___ or ___ group.

Windows Hardware Quality Lab

All digitally signed drivers have undergone ___ testing.

Master Boot Record (MBR)

The default partition style for x86-based and x64-based computers, and supports up to 2 TB volume in size with either four primary partitions or three primary partitions and one extended partition.


In Windows 7, the ___ file system is limited to volumes no larger than 32 gigabytes.


The default partition style used by Windows 7 on an x86 computer is?

Partitions, Volumes

Technically speaking, you create ___ on basic disk and ___ on dynamic disks.

Globally Unique Identifier (GUID) Partition Table (GPT)

First Introduced in Windows Vista, you can now use the GPT partition style on x86-, as well as x64-based, Windows 7 computers.

Basic Disk

Uses primary partitions, extended partitions, and logical drives to organize data.


Tracks the operation currently in progress

Simple Volume

Consists of space from a single volume

Striped Volume

The system writes data one stripe at a time to each successive disk in the volume.

Spanned Volume

Essentially a method for combining the space from multiple dynamic disks into a single large volume.

Mirrored Volume

Consists of an equal amount of space from 2 disks, both of which must be dynamic disks.


limited to partitions no larger than 4 GB


Defragments all local volumes on the computer

Dynamic Disk

You can then create an unlimited number of volumes out of the space in that partition.


Defragments multiple volumes simultaneously

Native Boot

Windows 7 Ultimate and Enterprise supports VHD files, using a feature called

Device Driver

To communicate with the operating system running on the computer, each device also requires a software element called


Displays the progress of the operation currently in progress


Organization, or publisher, that uses a private key to create the digital signature for the device driver

/E volumes

Defragments all local volumes on the computer except those you specify.


Displays a fragmentation analysis for the volume without performing a defragmentation

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