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Scrum Master Certification

Who has the last say on the order of the Product Backlog?
The Product Owner
Which two things does the Development Team NOT do during the first Sprint?
Develop a plan for the rest of the project, Nail down the complete architecture and infrastructure
When is a Sprint over?
When the timebox expires
The maximum length of the Sprint Review (its time box) is...
4 hours for a monthly Sprint, proportionally less for shorter Sprints
Why is the Daily Scrum held at the same time and same place?
The consistency reduces complexity and overhead.
The CEO asks the Development Team to add a "very important" item to the current Sprint. What should the Development Team do?
Inform the Product Owner so he/she can work with the CEO.
Which of the below are roles on a Scrum Team?
Development Team, Product Owner, Scrum Master
Who is responsible for updating the work estimates during a Sprint?
The Development Team
Which statement best describes Scrum?
A framework within which complex products in complex environments are developed
What does it mean to say that an event has a timebox?
The event can take no more than a maximum amount of time
Who is required to attend the Daily Scrum?
The Development Team
Development Team membership should change:
As needed, while taking into account the short term reduction in productivity
Development Team members volunteer to own a Sprint Backlog item:
Never. All Sprint Backlog items are "owned" by the entire Development Team, even though each one may be done by an individual development team member.
An organization has decided to adopt Scrum, but management wants to change the terminology to fit with terminology already used. What will likely happen if this is done?
Without a new vocabulary as a reminder of the change, very little change may actually happen; The organization may not understand what has changed within Scrum and the benefits of Scrum may be lost; Management may feel less anxious
A Scrum Master is keeping a list of open impediments, but it is growing and he/she has been able to resolve only a small portion of the impediments. Which three techniques would be most helpful in this situation?
1. Prioritize the list and work on them in order; 2. Alert management to the impediments and their impact; 3. Consult with the Development Team
When a Development team determines that it has over-committed itself for a Sprint, who has to be present when reviewing and adjusting the Sprint work selected?
The Product Owner and Development Team
What is the primary way a Scrum Master keeps a Development Team working at its highest level of productivity?
By facilitating Development Team decisions and removing impediments
The Development Team should not be interrupted during the Sprint. The work it selects for the Sprint should not be changed. The Sprint Goal should remain intact. All of these attributes of a Sprint foster creativity, quality and productivity. Based on this, which of the following is false?
The Sprint Backlog and its contents are fully formulated in the Sprint Planning meeting and do not change during the Sprint
Which statement best describes a Product Owner's responsibility?
Optimizing the Return of Investment (ROI) and the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of the work the Development Team does
How much work must a Development Team do to a Product Backlog item it selects for a Sprint?
As much as it has told the Product Owner will be done for every Product Backlog item it selects in conformance with the definition of done
The Development Team should have all the skills needed to:
Turn the Product Backlog items it selects into an increment of potentially shippable product functionality
The timebox for a Daily Scrum is?
15 minutes
Who is on the Scrum Team?
The Scrum Master, The Product Owner, The Development Team
Which statement best describes the Sprint Review?
It is when the Scrum Team and stakeholders inspect the outcome of the Sprint and figure out what to do in the upcoming Sprint
Scrum Master is a "management" position?
Scrum does not have a role called "project manager"
An abnormal termination of a Sprint is called when?
When the Product Owner determines that it makes no sense to finish it
Who should know the most about the progress toward a business objective or a release, and be able to explain the alternatives most clearly?
The Product Owner
What is the role of Management in Scrum
Management supports the Product Owner with insights and information into high value product and system capabilities. Management supports the Scrum Master to cause organizational change that fosters empiricism, self-organization, bottom-up intelligence, and intelligent release of software
It is important that the product increment be released to production or shipped to customers at the end of each Sprint
The timebox for the complete Sprint Planning meeting is?
8 hours for a monthly Sprint, proportionately less for shorter Sprints
The reason the Scrum Master is at the Daily Scrum is...
He or she does not have to be there; he or she only has to ensure the Development Team has a Daily Scrum
When many Development Teams are working on a single product, what best describes the definition of "done"?
All Development Teams must have a definition of "done" that when their work integrates results in a definition of "done" that is potentially releasable
What is the recommended size for a Development Team (within the Scrum team)?
6 plus or minus 3
What is the maximum length of a Sprint?
Not so long that the risk is unacceptable to the Product Owner; Not so long that other business events can't be readily synchronized with the development work; no more than one calender month
The Product Backlog is ordered by...
Whatever is deemed most appropriate by the Product Owner
When multiple teams are working together, each team should maintain a separate Product Backlog
Which statement best describes the Sprint Review?
It is when the Scrum Team and stakeholders inspect the outcome of the Sprint and figure out what to do in the upcoming Sprint.