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A crooked or deviated septum can cause _____

compromise of air passage, increased tendency to sinusitis, cosmetic concerns.

What is the primary importance in the diagnosis of hemoptysis ___________

Determination of the source of bleeding.

The pneumonia-like disease caused by bacteria that thrive in warm aquatic enviroments and are inhaled from moisture droplets in air conditioning units is called_______

Legionella infection

Growth that form from distended mucous membranes protruding into the nasal cavity are called______

Nasal Polyps.

An area of contained infectious material in the lung is known as___________

Pulmonary Abcess.

A collection of air or gas in the pleural cavity, resulting in a collapsed lung, describes a condition called ______


The common cold is a group of minor illnesses caused by____________

Almost 200 viruses or from mycoplasma.

________ is a destructive disease of the aveoli and the adjacent capillary walls resulting in chronic dyspnea, cough and the charactaristic barrel chest.


The Epstein-Barr virus is the cause of ______

Infectious mononucleosis.

A double fracture of 3 or more adjacent ribs resulting in instability in the chest wall describes a patient with ______

Flail Chest

Pontiac fever is a milder form of _________; both forms are not contagious.


In most cases the prognosis of lung cancer are not good because_______

People do not seek medical attention before metastasis occurs.

Allergic rhinitis and allergic sinusitis can lead to______

Inflammation of the mucosa of the sinuses and resulting in sinusitis

Exposure to both primary and secondary smoke may make the individual more succeptible to_________

any respiratory condition because the the smoke is an irritant of the respiratory.

Asbestosis, anthracosis, and silicosis are considered_____

Occupational diseases

Hemotorax is life threating and requires____

emergency care.

Prophylactic use of the vaccine against influenza is effective in____________

reducing the occurrence of the disease, in older and infirm adults.

A soft tissue injury in which the outer layer of the skin has been scraped away is an ______


A burn that involves destruction of the skin and underlying tissue is termed_______

Full thickness

The person suffering from hypothermia experiences____,_____,_______

shivering, disorientation, fatigue

Treatment of a snake bite includes________

keeping the victim quiet and transpoting to an emergency facility

The rule of nines is used to calculate_______

the percentage of body surface affected by burns

_________ is a systemic infection, transmitted by a tic.

Rocky Mountain spotted fever.

Treatment of a laceration includes_____,_____,_____

gentle cleansing, debridment, suturing, sterile dressing, the use of tissue glue

Compression of the brachial plexus nerves may also be called______

Thoracic outlet syndrome

Cumulative trauma disorders include______

Carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, synovitis.

The individual who has a body temp above 105 F, red, hot and dry skin; headache; dizziness; and shortness of breath is experiencing_____

Heat stroke

Treatment of a puncture wound includes_______

Copoius irrigation of the wound.

The soft tissue injury that occurs when a body part becomes entangled or entrapped resulting in skin, tissue, and bone being pulled away from the body is _____


Tetanus toxiod prophylaxis is important in any person who has sustained open trauma because______

Organism that cause tetanus enter the body directly into the bloodstream through wounds.

Foriegn bodies that enter throught the ear may include_______

bugs, insects, cereal, peas, beans, grapes, pebbles and cotton

In electrical shock the current________

follows the path of least resistance.

Carpal tunnel syndrome involves entrapment of the ___

median nerve.

Rust rings on the cornea may be the result of_______

foreign bodies in the eye.

DNA-parentage testing is conclusive in determining genetic profiles of the_______________

mother, child and father.

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