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Also called reverse angle. Happens when a shot taken at a 120-180 degree angle from the preceding shot.
Executive Producer
Person in charge of production.
Close-up shot
A shot in which the subject is larger than the frame, revealing much detail. (Shoulders to head)
Medium shot
Typically above from the knees/waist - allows viewers to see body language, but not facial expressions.
Long shot
Usually full body
Dutch angle
Slanted / tilted shot
shows confusion
(internal) Diegetic sound
Originates from film's world, characters can hear it
Extreme close-up shot
Extreme long shot
Eye-line match
Shot of person looking at something + cut to what they're looking at + reaction
High-angle shot
Photographed from above, looked down on
- if extreme, implies powerless
Low-angle shot
Photographed from below, looked up at
- if extreme, implies abusive power
mise en scene
Arrangement of everything in front of camera (comp, set, costume, lights, movement)
non-diegetic sound
Sound represented as coming from outside world of the film, characters can't hear it
panning shot
The action of rotating a camera about its vertical axis - camera pivots from side to side
POV shot
Shot from a characters POV, see what their eyes are seeing
Sequence shot
One long take (w/ complex staging and camera movements)
Sound bridge
Sound from one scene carries briefly over to next
Tracking/dolly shot
Shot taken from moving vehicle
Effect of rapid movement towards / away from subject
- greater context (see surrounding)
- isolation
Blue/Green Screen
A backdrop that actors are filmed in front of. Later the blank screen can be filled with digitally generated images.
Deciding where actors will move and stand so that lighting and camera placement can be set.
Boom microphone
A long pole with a microphone on the end.
Establishing Shot
The first shot of a new scene.
To finish shooting at the end of the day or the end of the production.
Sequence of pictures created to describe each scene in the film production.
A person who either adapts stories or writes screenplays for film.
The principal creative artist on a movie set.

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