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Unit 10 Test.

Coach Williams Review.
Which country does not charge tariffs on goods that pass through its ports?
Which landform seperates Vietnam from Cambodia and Laos?
Annam Cordillera.
What provides southeast asia's biggest source of food?
Name the volcano the erupted violently in 1991.
Mount Pinatubo.
The existence of ASEAN and ADB shows that Southeast Asian countries are what?
Name the volcano that erupted in the late 1800s.
Southeast Asia's location along what results in earthquakes, typhoons and volcanic eruptions?
Ring of Fire.
Where is the cordillera Arakan Yoma located?
Western Myanmar
Name the only Southeast Asian country without a coast line.
Natural boundaries between some Southeast Asian countries are formed by which two things?
Cordillas and Rivers.
How many island make up the country of Indonesia?
13,500 islands.
Which penninsula is Vietnam a part of?
Indo-China penninsula.
East timor, the Phillipines, and Indonesia are all what type of countries?
What doe sinsular mean>
Island countries.
Waht is the largest island country in the region?
What has the city of Singapore imported most of?
How do rivers on Southeast Asian islands run?
Several different directions.
What is a dance of Southeast Asia called?
People need available food and the economy needs money from exports. What are two types of farms that are important to the region because of this?
Subsitance and Commercial farming.
Early literature in Southeast Asia included folktales and legends that were passed which way generation to generation?
About how many distinct languages are spoken today on Indonesia's many islands?
Which two countries had the earliest major cultural influence on Southeast Asia?
India and China.
By the mid-1970s which country was united under a communist government?
Name the empire that established trade routes that benefit Singapore today.
What do Indonesia, the Phillipines, and Singapore all have in common?
Name the ancient Indian story performed as an Indonesian dance.
What is the 800-year-old Khmer temple called?
Angkor Wat.
Which country has a GDP comparable to that of the US?
Name the only country in the region that did not experience colonial rule.
Name the empire that flourished along the Mekong river 800-900 years ago.
About what percentage of SOutheast Asian countries are islands?
Where are the world's largest tin deposits found?
What forms the barrier between Thailand and Laos?
Mekong river.
List the four climates that are found in Southeast Asia,
Tropical Rainforest, Troppical Savana, Humid Subtropical, and Highlands.
Which country is a leading producer of petroleum and a member of OPEC?
Which oragnization was formed to help Southeast Asian member countries share in cultural and economic matters?
The effects of war political change and poor transportation routes have slowed industrial growth in which country?
What destrpyed more than 100,000 homes in the Phillipines in 1991?
Mount Pinatubo.
Which organization can Southeast Asian business approach for agricultural and transportation loans?
What does ADB stand for?
Asain Development Bank
Which country is a center of world trade and strong economic force
What has crowded living, industrilization, and increased use of automobiles caused in Bangkok?
Urban Warming.
What did political corruption, massive debts, and financial managment cause in the region in 1997?
Economic crisis.
Rubber, sugarcane, coconuts, and coffee are what type of crops in Southeast ASia?
CAsh crops.
Name six of the prominent religions of Southeast Asia.
Hinduism, Buddhism, Christanity, Islam, Daoism, amd Confusicanism.
Which country once served as a buffer state to prevent tensions between French and British colonial governments?
In rural areas o fIndonesia and Malysia what do extended families live in?
Long houses.
When teh former frech indochina was divided into comuunist and noncommunist sectors this conflict led to which war?
Vietnam war.
In which country did the Khmer Rouge establish a brutal regime?
The indonesian government has relocated people to less populated islands to help reduce urban overcrowding onto which island?
How is the island of Java populated?