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17 terms

Letters Vocabulary

Attachment notation
Notation that indicates that additional items are attached (clipped, stapled, etc.) to the letter
The message of a letter, e-mail, or report
Business letter
Letter sent from a business to a person or to another business/organization
Complimentary close
The closing of the letter; Example: Sincerely,
Copy notation
Notation indicating that a copy of the letter is being sent to someone in addition to the addressee/letter address
Date line
Date that the letter was written
Enclosure notation
Notation indicating that additional items are included in the envelope with the letter
Letter/Mailing/Inside address
The address of the person receiving the letter
Heading of a business letter that includes the business name, address, phone/fax/e-mail, and logo
Mixed punctuation
Letter format in which a colon or a comma is added after the salutation and a comma is added after the complimentary close
Open punctuation
Letter format in which no punctuation is included after the salutation or complimentary close
Personal-business letter
Letter sent from an individual to another person or to a business/organization
Return address
Address of the person that wrote the letter
Greeting of the letter; Example: Dear Sir or Madam:
Signature line
The handwritten signature of the person that wrote the letter
Typist initials
The initials of the person that typed the letter if they were not the author of the letter
Writer's name
The keyed name of the author of the letter